Monday, June 16, 2014

Take a Picture. It Will Last Longer.

"Hold Still," I said. 
"Smile!" I said.
All I wanted was some pictures of the kids before church when they at least looked like little angels...
Why can't I ever seem to get that?
Haha...oh yeah...because this happens:
Ok, maybe we'll give William a bottle

"OK, that was good, let's see if we can get better one."

OK. That will do. 

I am never doing this again.
Until next Sunday, anyway.


Whitney said...

Such a fun and entertaining film strip! Even if your kids don't post like catalog models they are such sweethearts and cuter than all get out! :)

Whitney said...

**pose not post!

Brit said...

oh my gosh they are the cuuuutest!

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