Sunday, June 1, 2014

Visiting The Partridge Family

(Warning: If there is such a thing as a picture overload- this is totally it!)
I was so excited to visit my parents on our way to Denver. They moved to Salt Lake a few years ago. 
It was so weird with David in Seattle, Matt at college and Becca on a mission in Peurto Rico, they were empty nesters!
(Not to mention James and Tayci and their kids were out of town! It was just weird!)
Well, we had a great visit and took advantage of our time with Grandma and Grandpa Partridge.
These two sure enjoyed teasing each other.
Caity helping my mom water flowers- my mom has the prettiest flower beds! 

When you are at grandma's house you can have 4 bowls of any cereal you want in the middle of day, even if you didn't finish your breakfast- they just chatted away.

My mom and Wills. (Map of Peurto Rico in the background so we can see where Becca is)

My brother brought this back from his mission to Ukraine! I am the 5th one down! Isn't that the coolest thing?

On Memorial Day my dad had the day off, so he took us on a "behind the scenes" tour of Temple Square and the LDS Conference Center where he works, it was cool hearing all his stories.

Then, it was off to the Church History Museum to check out the children's area. 
PS- the museum is so cool, and has a lot awesome exhibits on everything from the pioneers to boy scouts to temple artifacts- it was so interesting!
It was a bit of a walk to get there, but I was there with my trusty camera!

(well, clearly I didn't take this one...)

 The kids had a blast at the museum!
Caity's favorite part was learning a Mexican dance, she probably would have danced there for hours! 
William played the matching game. He lost.

Johnny hated the idea of dancing about as much as Caity loved it.

My mom and Caity, John got a video of all three of us trying to learn the dance together, but I am pretty sure I would die if that EVER surfaced on the internet- haha, just kidding, but I am still not posting it! haha
Building towers. How she got Johnny to build before destroying is beyond me.  Maybe is something I'll learn with age.
John and I were pretty much artists. 
We came home and ate some pizza and enjoyed each other's company.
Then my mom and I took the kids to the splash pad.
The next day we went and visited my Grandma Ogden.  My Grandpa met us there.
My Grandma has Alzheimer's and although most of the time the only person who can understand her is Caity (no surprise there)
We had a couple of really special moments where I think we really connected.

John loves talking with my Grandpa- he does have some pretty cool stories. I love when they talk together

 We went shopping, and I came home and did some homework.
Then, Tayci and James surprised us and got home from their trip earlier than we thought they would! 
It was so much fun seeing them,
These kids love their cousins!

Oh my goodness, Miles' funny face here! He is just so cute.  I have the cutest nephews in the world. 
Everyone hanging out
 Tayci caught Miles and Johnny just sitting by themselves at a table eating plastic pizza.  Not talking to eachother, just sitting there enjoying their make-believe meal.  It was pretty cute.
Well, Caity couldn't have us talking pictures without getting involved, so she hurriedly played role of waitress. 

So funny.

It was such a fun visit, and made me want to live closer. 
I just love my parents.

In other news, today was our first Sunday in our new ward. 
Our new building is in the middle of downtown Denver.
It is three stories, and you park in an under-garage and take the elevator up.
It was so different, starting on level three, then dropping the kids off at level two for Primary- cool-different though.  We felt all inner-city and stuff.
We met another couple on a law internship who have kids our boys' ages.
We also met a bunch of other amazing people, and we are excited to be here.
Today was testimony meeting and I was so touched by the light shared and the many strengthening testimonies given of our Savior and His Atoning Sacrifice.
I love His gospel and am so grateful for Jesus Christ.

On our way out, our landlord (who meets in the same building) reminded us to pick up some of the Panera bread he brings every Sunday.  We turned the corner and saw mounds of Panera baked goods, he gave us a bag and we grabbed a loaf of bread, a couple cinnamon rolls and flat bread.
We came home from church and ate so many carbs I feel like I may explode, hours later.
We used the flat bread to make little pizzas for dinner- so yummy.
John showed me the park he took the kids to- it is SO close- the good mom in me says I will take my kids there EVERY SINGLE DAY this summer.
The other mom says, "Now wouldn't that be nice...." haha- maybe at least a few times a week.


Ellen said...

Glad you got to spend some time with your family. Looks like you had lots of fun. Life is Good :)

Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

Okay now I'm feeling original comment somehow was posted twice, but now that I deleted it I feel like it makes it look like I wrote something crazy or outrageously inappropriate. So sorry to ruin the comment section here. Life is Good :)

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