Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hangin in the Hood

Tonight John and I had a romantic evening under the stars. Fixing our trailer. And to be honest, there was really only one star visible since we were in a parking lot that was lit up just enough to black out the sky and unlit enough to welcome at least one drug deal during our time spent fidgeting with wires.  Johnny ran around. Caity talked. William just kind of sat there- he is such a pleasant baby, that William. It was a miserable, but was really a great time too. I am always so impressed with that husband of mine and his handy skills. Hopefully all will be ready for our big move on Saturday!

Update: The next day, the light randomly started working! Kind of crazy, ha ha.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twenty Seven!!

It was good day. When I got home from running, the kids were making me cards and John overheard Johnny saying, "Caity will you write my letters for me, I want it to say her name, not 'mom' but her REAL name."  So my card from Johnny said, "Hi Mary. You are nice." It was so sweet. Caity went through a ream of paper on her own making cards all saying something along the lines of, "You are nice. You are fun. You are cute. I love you. You love me. We're special."  She was also very adamant that I get to shower in peace for my birthday and kept the boys busy. Best. Present. Ever!! Ha ha. John got off work early (after meeting with an FBI agent!!!) and we went to IKEA :) He must love me or something. We came home and had pie. Johnny said, "Mom! I can't WAIT to sing Happy Birthday to you!" (We didn't have candles, so I blew out their thumbs.) John got me some perfume I have been wanting for a while and some clothes and chocolates (I love chocolates like a fat kid loves...well, chocolates! ha ha) and Caity got me nail polish.  Caity and I had to run to the park to help a friend with a photo shoot, on the way Caity kept trying to guess what I wished for (Was it for a my little pony? Was it that William wouldn't spit out his food at you?  Was it that Johnny would stop biting me? Was it that you could have another birthday tomorrow?) Meanwhile, the boys picked up some Cafe Rio (he must REALLY love me!)  We got home put the kids to bed and enjoyed a little after-hours date and movie.  It was good, relaxing day and I ended it feeling grateful.  It was nice getting little messages throughout the day from family and friends with Birthday wishes.  Mostly, it is just weird saying I'm twenty seven now! So weird, yet so very cool.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Splendid Weekend

Though busy, it was a great weekend.  Saturday, John went to the Temple while I manned the fort with the kids, then disassembled the fort, because said fort was causing some disruption among my people. When John got home, we went to his version of candy land- aka- Harbor Freight.  Next we headed to John's grandparents house to say our hello's and so Johnny could give his regards to their stuffed dog collection.  When we got home, John took Caity on a bike ride date to pick up a treat at the store, Caity was pretty much thrilled.  Meanwhile, I went out with my boys to the park.  Johnny needed some time "alone" with mom, and so we had a good time too.
This was probably the highlight of my weekend. It was just so much fun to to have delegated time to spend with each other.  When I was pushing the boys on the swings, they just kept looking over at each other and laughing.  When we met up with John and Caity again, she said, "We talked about all sorts of stuff you wouldn't understand."  I asked her why I wouldn't understand and she responded, "Because you don't know Spanish, and that's what we talked about!"

When we got home, John and I may or may not have stayed up until like one in the morning watching Suits. Sunday was equally busy for us. After our LAST Sunday at church in Denver (crazy!), we played games with the Highlands Ranch Brassells, then hustled our way to meet John's grandparents at the Denver Catholic Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  It was gorgeous, and had such a holy feeling, it was interesting learning more about their religion and admiring the Cathedral's stained glass and architecture. Then it was off to meet the Krumholtz family for dinner- he was the one that connected us to our apartment here, as well as was a former US Attorney, so it was nice to meet up and get to know them better.  

It was a busy weekend, but a good one, I am glad we got to spend it together. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mommy's Dinner Theater

On Friday we made BIG plans for a picnic. John had to stay late at work, so I figured it would make the planned pb & j a little more exciting. We spent all day preparing for it, making list and packing and planning activities.  We were counting the minutes until dinner time.
Then it rained.
I wasn't really in mood to sit in wet grass and eat soggy sandwiches so I desperately grasped for some alternative that would still make for a fun night.  I decided we could stay in and watch a movie- creative right? Ha. The kids weren't impressed either. So we made an event out of it. I told them we were going to have "Mommy's Dinner Theater," that piqued their I ran with it. We did "make overs" and they kids told me how they wanted their hair and without question, I would do it for them. I put pretend make up on Caity and pretended to shave Johnny's face.  They were so excited. I shooed them to their room and made a quick impromptu menu. (We had stuff like milk, juice, or water for a drink, grapes or a banana for an appetizer and so on) I set up a table and chairs and put on "The Great Mouse Detective." And they bought it.  They were never so excited for a sandwich, I'll tell ya.  They were very polite guests, and I was quite impressed.
When it was all over, William spilled someone's juice cup.  I said, "That is why you need to clean up your mess." And Caity looked at me and with the most polite tone said, "Mom, it was your job, because we are guests at your restaurant, you know. " Good point. She took the whole concept pretty seriously.

 She was so proper the whole time. :)
(His spiked hair! Ha ha, he wan't to be like Tarzan...he didn't have much to work with)

(He never eats the grape skin. He also never tolerates a bib, he also spits out his food and tucks it into his overalls...silly baby.)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day!
So grateful for the faith and sacrifice of pioneers that established a legacy I am proud to partake of.  If I was truly festive I would probably churn some butter and march in circles singing pioneer songs wearing a bonnet...but I guess I'm I'll just contemplate ordering a pizza because my kitchen is way to hot to cook anything.  I would have starved as pioneer- how did they do it?  I wonder this all the time and I am just in awe and quite frankly, inspired.
In honor of pioneer day:

My favorite pioneer book: Fire of the Covenant by Gerald Lund. It is about the Mormon handcart companies, it is historical fiction, but at the end of every chapter has sources so you know which parts are real. Great book.

Favorite pioneer vacation:  Martin's Cove, Wyoming.  Went when I was about 10 for a family reunion. I can't wait to go back.

Favorite Pioneer Day Days of '47 Queen: 1982- Alison MOM. :) I just love that little known fact about her! (you have to scroll to the right to see her picture.)

Fun Fact: My 10th birthday was pioneer themed. I kid you not. And it was the coolest birthday ever. We tied quilts. We made rag dolls. We "milked a cow." We made ice-cream to go with my wagon wheel cake.We even panned for gold.

Favorite Pioneer Game: Oregon Trail. NOT. I hated computer days because of that game. I always died of dysentery. Ha ha. Elementary School was rough.

Cool Pioneer Website: Find your Pioneer Ancestors.

Well, I sound like quite the enthusiast there, now don't I?  I don't know if I could trek across the country into the unknown, but it sure was fun going on a walk this evening.

And since I have NO pictures for the day, we are just going to do a couple throwback Thursdays pictures! Yay!

These two were so little!

When William was just a few days old.

7 years ago this week we took our engagement pictures! Seems like yesterday...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day in the Life: Take 2

From the Big Sister Express, to the tragedy of the ripped book, to crazy couch potatoes, to funny brothers, to Caity's art work (and that laugh!), to "Mom, I'm sooo bored!", to a live performance of Caity singing the My Little Pony song.  
It was a day to remember, yet a day that blends with the rest of them. Just a day in the life. My life.  
Life is good. I am a lucky girl.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's Go To The Movies

I'M DONE!! Done. Done. Done. No more homework for this girl. For a couple months anyway.  I'll be honest, I almost didn't make this time, you guys.  But I did it. I am glad I have learned what  have learned this semester and am grateful for the experience...yet, almost as grateful the experience is over! :)

As soon as I submitted my last assignment, I got a call from John's grandparents inviting us to a dollar showing of "Rio 2." So we rushed quick and piled in the car in order to get there on time.  It was such a fun afternoon.  As soon as he sat down, Johnny started dancing to the music, it was pretty cute.  It was a cafe-cinema, so all the seating had tables and menus- it was really cool and there was a lot of crawling space for William to explore. We ordered some french fries and Johnny about had a heart attack when he realized I also got some ketchup- I, f'real, was his hero right then and there.
 About a third of the way into the movie, William just got too happy and I had to take him out.  So this is how I spent the last hour of the movie...

...In the foyer watching Master William chase his own chubby toes.  He was sure a riot this afternoon and he kept me pretty entertained as he attempted to dance and escape to the stairs multiple times.

 After the movie, we hung out at GG Brassell's house for an hour and enjoyed the warm company and cool air-conditioned house.
Caity enjoyed reading about Balto with Grandpa

Johnny enjoyed lining up every toy he could find (while his brother interfered...)

And William...well, I suppose William got a little thirsty.  
(he may have had some cat food with that cat water...I'm just going to plead the fifth here. ahem.)

When we got home we made some homemade mac and cheese and the kids told John all about the movie.

Cate's version:  Dad there was like these blue birds...and like did you know they had kids since the last move? Yeah, they did. And so like there was this white bird that was kind of mean and he was trying to get them and they flew all around everywhere trying to find like more blue birds and like the dad was like scared and the mom- like she wasn't. AND GUESS WHAT, dad? She found her dad but he didn't like him and (7 minutes later...) So yeah, the frog really wasn't poison and so they could kiss. It was so good, Dad.

Johnny's Version:  It was about a lot of Birds!

So funny. It was such a good day and I am glad we were able to spend it with Great Grandma and Grandpa Brassell!
And to make you laugh, here is a Weird Al clip that I enjoyed, even IF he was probably responding specifically to my blog! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Little Things

Yesterday Caity sat at the window and sang a made up song about when it will be her turn to drive, have a baby and go to the park.  William just sat there and listened to her.  My little Annie Orphan.

After eating a handful of sand at the park (AKA- kiddie litter), William crawled to the big toy and climbed his way up, man did he think he was one cool baby.

Johnny has been sneaking Petch (his dog) to church lately...I think I have it taken care of and left at home... then I look down and sitting next to me in the pew is that little bacteria ridden thing and one happy little three year old boy.  I have to give it to Johnny, he does act a lot more reverent with his faithful companion by his side.

This morning, Caity woke up early and picked up the whole house and exclaimed, "I just LOVE cleaning."  I wish she woke up in this mood EVERY day!

John and I measured our blood pressure today. I kind of had kind of high you know, blood pressure or whatever.  I tried to explain to John that it was because I didn't get enough sweets...but for whatever reason he didn't get where I was coming from and made me pack a bag of carrots to the library.

That husband of mine got all his projects at work done on Friday so I could hustle on over to the library to finish my semester. For Good. (For now, anyway.) What.A.Guy. I am grateful for him.

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books.  My first time reading it I thought it was so-so, not bad, not the best either.  It has really grown on me this time around and I would highly HIGHLY recommend 5 stars on good reads recommend it.

Well, back to the grind so that John's efforts don't go to complete waste. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Day with Dad

Today when I got home from the library, Caity exclaimed, "Mom. You chose a BAD day to do homework. It was the BEST day! We got to go to the park and play soccer, we played with a firetruck and we even went INSIDE McDonalds and got chicken nuggets."
Sounds like Dad knows how to make a good day.

And while I am on the topic of Caity... Caity and Johnny are playing an ongoing imaginary game.  Johnny is my son and Caity is from a terrible family that all died in an accident.  She was the only one wearing a seatbelt so she survived.  Johnny asked me if "Clara" could live with us. The other day, I made them Mac and Cheese and Caity- no, Clara said, "Johnny you're so lucky, MY mom used to make Mac and cheese like this: Killed our dog, pooped in the Mac and Cheese and gave it to us and would spank us until it was all gone. Your mom is so nice."  What???? Haha. She is so weird sometimes! haha.

Anyway, glad those kids have their dad, it looks like they had a good time!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Story Time in Denver

Denver has such a great children's section of the library. Not to mention they have escalators, so you might as well call it Six Flags in my kids' eyes.  We only brought a few books to Denver (this one being our favorite), so the library is like a fantasy land with so many options. I always feel so at home in a library. We got there early and after unsuccessfully trying to teach the kids checkers, we found a comfy corner and read some books. 
 I recently watched THIS clip with the kids, and today they kept giggling and whispering, "QUIET! This is a LIBrary!" We thought we were so funny.
I don't know what it is with babies and power sockets. William wouldn't leave this thing alone.  He loved just crawling around...this trip he discovered the books. Bah! I had to follow him around to insure he didn't yank them all off the shelves! Little stinker. I was proud of him.

There wasn't enough cushions left so Johnny and Caity shared. They offered to let me join them...which was sweet...but let's be real, people. That wasn't going to work. :)

Today was about the letter "P"

Johnny had this face expression the entire time they did this dance, it was like "are these people serious?" He doesn't "do" gimmicks very easily.

William kept bounding in on top of Caity and Johnny. The parents behind me were a little concerned with how William's siblings handled him. I wanted to them not to worry, that Wills was an Idaho baby...but I didn't. Good thing, because a moment later I spied Johnny gently gnawing on William foot. Whoops. Ha ha. Speaking of which, last night we has the Sister Missionaries over and in the middle of a prayer, Johnny blew the biggest, wettest raspberry on William's chunky thighs.  It was hard not to laugh. 

After story time, we headed to the exploration corner, where the kids played with puzzles and blocks.  I pulled a puppet and had a lot of fun with Wills.  He thought it was so funny.  The kids and I tried to do a puppet show of the three little pigs. Well, Caity and I tried. Let's just say Johnny played a good ravenous wolf and it was hard to keep him focused. If he didn't remind me so much of his dad...

Then we headed to the computers for a couple minutes.

I wish John could have come with us. It would have been even more fun.  He was on a field trip of his own though... to HERE:
Denver's Super-Max Prison.
Oh, I only freaked out a little when he told me they were going to be in the courtyard with the inmates unprotected.  I have been checking my phone all day waiting to hear from him, I can't wait to hear about his adventure.  He has been looking forward to it since May.  All the interns went, his adviser tries to arrange the visit every year because she feels like it gives the lawyers a reality of what they are doing when they send someone here for a an extra ten years.  I think it will give John a good perspective. If you didn't know, John is very interested in National Security, and there happen to be a couple convicted terrorists here...kind of crazy!

Also, good news! 
John just called and we got the house we wanted in Boise!!!
So, so very excited.
Now, how the heck do I get this girl signed up for Kindergarten? I am a total newbie at this stuff, and it kinda freaks me out that I am registering her so late in the game...any advice is mucho appreciated!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

Today after I tucked the kids in bed, I watched the rain fall outside my kitchen window.
I love the rain.

I love the sound it makes on our tin roof.  I love the sounds of cars swooshing on wet roads.  I love the smell, it smells so fresh.  The world looks greener when it rains.  When I feel rain on my face,it always seems like the first time.
I just love the rain.
My favorite is when we are inside the house playing a game or something and even though it is four in the afternoon, the sky is so overcast, we have to turn on the light.  It storms outside and we are safe together indoors, listening to pitter-patter and lightening.  I also love running in the rain. (And perhaps kissing in the rain...) :) I like making soup during fall down pours. I like being caught outside during summer storms. I like how bright spring showers make all the flowers look. I also like when it rains in the winter, because it means that it isn't snowing! 
I grew up in Western Washington, so rain and I are quite accustomed to one another.  I remember sitting at my desk as a teenager and just watching the rain. It made me think about God and who He needed me to become. 
Rain has that effect on me. It makes me think, re-evaluate and re-thank God for the chance to live this life.
So glad it rained today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Day in the Life.

A day full of little moments with my little people. 
Life is good to me.

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