Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11: That's Just How We Roll!

The kids said their favorite part of the day was getting "Suh-werpies" from 7-11.
Of course, I can thank Dad for that one. As soon as he came home he took us on a "surprise walk."  The mystery was killing us, but was well worth the wait. That John is always full of surprises! 

John always pays special attention that Wills gets in on the action.  I am pretty sure William felt immediate gratitude. :)
 Johnny and Cate were so into it, they had trouble keeping up with us. I kept having to stop for Johnny, after the third time he said, "You always wait for me, Mom."  For whatever reason that melted my heart made my day. I thought it was sweet. I'm not a huge Slurpie fan, but I got the Sprite flavor and it was pretty good- slightly reminded me of my nausea days of pregnancy, but tasty all the same.
Today I overheard Caity and Johnny having a conversation in the back of the van. It went like this:

Johnny: Caity talk to me about that food what you don't like.
Caity: I hate beans.
Johnny: Really, why?
Caity: Just because they have no flavor and they are just yucky.
Johnny: Oh. OK. Soooo, tell me about your seat-belt.
Caity: What do you want to know about my seat-belt?
Johnny: Do you like it, or do you hate it?
Caity: Like it. It keeps me safe. 
Johnny: Oh. I hate my seat-belt.
Caity: I used to hate my seat belt when I was a three year old too.
I know, I know, I am the only person who finds this conversation worth reading...and then re-reading.  I just love their little conversations they have with each other.  It's like they this relationship completely separate of me or anyone else, and I think it is so cool.
 Caity and I just started reading Pollyanna.  I've seen the movie, but haven't read the book. Loved the movie, and so far I am not really loving the book- but I do like the time I get to spend with Caity and I think the message is a good one- about looking on the bright side of things.  It gives us something new to talk about which is fun.
 Johnny bit William yesterday.  I entered the room and William was screaming and Johnny was hiding under a blanket peeking out.  I asked what happened. And all Johnny said was "He was just SO cute."  He then slithered under the covers again. I was so confused and looked over William.  It was then I found the teeth marks embedded on his arm. I got it: William was just SO cute that Johnny just HAD to bite him. Oh dear me. What am I going to do with that boy.  As I type this they are giggling together in their room while Caity is asleep. Boys.

Today I did Caity's hair in a ballerina bun.  She said, "Mom, you don't do like anyone else, but you do it the best!" haha. It made me laugh.  William soon saw it as a desired target though, and despite hairspray's best efforts, this girl's hair was in her eyes all day! That William.
The kids were marching around the house attached to each other saying "Choo choo, here comes the baby train!"  Will just laughed and would clap his hands when Johnny wasn't tugging too hard on his little arms. These days are busy and sometimes stressful, but definitely worth it.

(Don't you love that Raphael is hitching a ride on the Hulk?  Spiderman is teaching preschool today...)


Whitney said...

So fun! Well done John on the surprise outing! Why didn't you guys dress up like cows and go to Chick-fil-a? We missed out on both days what with me being a working gal in the night and all! I'm really more about the naps... :)

Brit said...

that conversation they had was the funniest most endearing thing! i love hearing kids talk and reason with each other. some of your posts make me want my own family, right now! like going out and getting slurpies cause its 7-11. ugh, i was stuck in my bridesmaid dress in 100 degree weather and being the old maid of three single girls out in the middle to catch the bouquet and still didn't! yeah, i'd definitely trade lives!

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