Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Trip to the Ice-Cream Shop

John got off work and hour early today! We were so excited and agreed it called for a celebration. Ice-cream it was.  There is this cute ice-cream place a block away, so we decided to give it a shot.  As soon as I got my cone of cookie and caramel cheesecake, William about had a fit reaching for it.  So I dumped my scoops into a bowl and surrendered my cone to my dictator.  He was really digging it, I'll tell ya'.  We only took about 40 pictures of his first ice cream cone, but lucky for you- I narrowed it down to like 15 or something like that. :)  It was that funny.  The video is my favorite part.

 At one point, I tried to take the cone away long enough to wipe some ice cream off his face and he flipped a lid and started holding the cone with two hands.   Johnny got birthday cake, Caity got Strawberry and John got Black Forest- not realizing it had cherries- ha!

 He is so cute!!

The girls!

Johnny eating his ice cream cone.

 William's chunky, chunky legs.
And then even more pictures of William eating his ice cream.

This video cracks me up. He was SO protective of his cone. I love the look he gives John like...a glare down. It is so funny.
After ice cream, John headed home to do some homework and I took the kids to the park.  It was so fun.  You know that feeling when you are like 12 or 13, and you realize you are not a child anymore and it is a little sad?  Like you don't enjoy slides the way you used to, or you don't look forward to Santa Clause the same  way, or you stop waking up early to watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?  It's a little sad.  But then you get to have kids and experience all over again, and it is even better.  Glad I get this chance, and I hope every one can have the oppurtunity some way or another.  Just watching those kids run through the grass barefoot as fast as they could, laughing as the storm clouds came felt complete.

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Whitney said...

I can't believe how big he is getting!! That was awesome! Aren't we mean as parents when we keep pestering until they are MAD just because it is funny... I may have done that yesterday with tickling Addi's feet! Oops! :)

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