Thursday, July 10, 2014

City Kids and the Old Ball Game

Yesterday, all the interns went to a Rockies game and families were invited- so we figured it would be a fun little adventure for us.  We had a blast. Because parking is horrendous, we decided to hop on the bus.
After about 30 seconds, Johnny was like, "Mom, we have been waiting for the bus foreverrrrr." Haha...the next 3 minutes until the bus got there were excruciating for them.
The kids thought it was so cool. William grasped the bars behind the seat and just stared at all the people behind us, smiling. 
We met up with John and got the kids hot dogs at a f'real hot dog stand, and John and I grabbed a sandwich at the deli in his office.
Above: A terribly blurry picture of the kids waiting for John while he changed his clothes.
We got to tour around John's office, which was fun.
Below: Where John goes to watch the cases he works on.
 Then, it was off to the ball game!
 We were smack in the middle of the sun, so we got to enjoy the exceptional sunny weather.  The kids were troopers and had fun dancing to the music played and their favorite part was going to the top of stadium. I don't think they really had any idea of what was going on, but there was a lot of new sights, which I think they appreciated. I'll be honest though, it was the slowest, most boring baseball game of my life.  Granted it was between two of the lowest ranked teams in the National League. I was glad we went though!  Half way through the game, William crashed out, so I got a good arm work out of the experience too! :)  It was so hot we decided a little ice cream was a must and we all shared a helmet sundae. 

Oh, and not change subjects- but, did I mention, we were about 40 feet from the President of the United States? 
Here is his car:

When we stopped by John's office at the end, I had to snap a picture of him by all the federal department crests. I thought it was cool, anyway!
It was a fun day in the city visiting dad!

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Whitney said...

So fun! Even if games are boring it is always fun to be in the atmosphere of it all! The picture of them waiting for the bus is adorable!! I love the backwards hat! How rude of you to make them wait for the bus for hours and then tell them it was only 3 minutes... haha

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