Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Forts and Stuff

So around 10:00 am, my day took a huge turn for the better. You see, I looked at the clock, evaluated my surroundings, and decided to scratch all my plans and just survive the chaos for the remainder of the day.  Somehow at that point, Monday seemed so much more doable.  Granted we didn't have milk, eggs, butter or bread...among other things, and granted that laundry pile was stealthily reaching the ceiling...it just wasn't going to happen. Yesterday anyways.

When I think of going to the grocery store it goes something like this:

Ok, first I have to make sure I have timed it right with nap time and feedings for baby.
Help Caity find her shoes.
Help Johnny find his shoes.
Lecture both children about putting their shoes away while I change William's diaper and clean up so he looks loved.
Tell Johnny to switch he shoes so they are on the right feet.
Make the list while holding William.
Break up the fight between Cate and Johnny.
Do Caity's hair.
Tell Johnny to stop dragging his brother.
OK guys, time to go.
Where are mommy's keys.
Caity confesses they were playing "cars" and she can't remember where she put them.
We finally find the keys.
Ok guys, time to go.
Johnny, where are your shoes?
Find Johnny's shoes.
Who cares that they are on the wrong feet.
Grab William and tell the kids to head out the car.
Realize I should probably take out the garbage.
Balance garbage, purse and baby while I lock the door.
Go down the next flight of stairs.
Scrounge my kids hiding in the back yard playing a "rousing" game of hide and go seek.
Get three kids in the car.
Break up a fight.
Get three kids buckled up.
Reinforce the "No fighting rule."
Get to the store.
Unbuckle three kids.
Keep three kids close as we make our way through the parking lot.
Scold Johnny for running in the road.
Tell Caity she needs to pay attention after running into a parked car.
Choose a cart.
Get William in the seat.
Re-establish rules of conduct with the older kids.
"No, we can't get donuts."
Johnny, don't touch that, buddy.

And well...you get the idea.  Grocery stores are doable and sometimes an adventure....but other times, well, grocery stores are exhausting.  If I am not emotionally and physically prepped...it's bad news, people.  For everyone involved.

So we were scavengers for the day.  We survived. Then, I got to sneak to the store later by myself. Relaxing baths with essential oils and soft music do it for some people, but man alive- a trip to grocery store alone is equivalent to spa day for this momma. (Has it really come to this?) (Ha ha.)

We still got everything done on our charts but there might or might not have been a "family nap time" around 11:15 am.

The kids spent the afternoon evolving their fort building skills:
(the fort had THREE rooms!)
And later, we headed to John's grandparents' house to wish his grandma a happy birthday.

Well, what doesn't get done yesterday- must get done today.  So that is what my day is looking like.  John looked around the apartment on his way out the door and said "You sure you are going to be alright?" And we both kind of laughed, because it was that bad...as we spied Johnny riding William around the corner. :)

1 comment:

Brit said...

haha how did i not read this one??
when hanging out with jen the other day she said, "you are so lucky that when you need to go to the store you can just go. like its no big thing, just hop in your car and drive."
i laughed because duh, its that easy!
....so, its not that easy...?

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