Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day 2014

Feeling Gratitude and Love for My Country Today.
For The Fourth of July, my mom sent the kids a little package of summer toys and treats, that kept them pretty busy for most of the morning, then at 10:30am we headed to a church breakfast and devotional.  It was a lot of fun. They had a little parade for all the children and they marched around a veteran playing the bagpipes- it was pretty cool and the kids thought they were the bees-knees for being in a "parade."  John played some football and Caity played with girls from her church class.  Johnny chased his Dad around and William chased his big brother around.

For the afternoon we headed over to Michael and Shannon's for barbecue.  It was so much fun. William was obsessed with their dog, Chase, and we kind of had to move the dog outside for his own protection. Most of the evening was spent by William crawling after Chase and Chase seeking shelter with the nearest big person.  John and Michael wrestled for about an hour and a half, and John learned some new fighting moves, which I think was fun for him, despite the fact he can't move today!  After dinner, we watched an episode of Everybody Hates Chris and played some pool.  Then we headed up to a look out spot to watch fireworks.  At one point Johnny ran up to me and said, "MOM! I just saw a FIREWORK! It was YELLOW!" and he ran off all speedy so he could go see more.  The kids had fun exploring the mountain we watched fireworks from and I think just staying up past bed time was an adventure enough. It was great.  William fell asleep in my arms and was knocked out  as I put him in his car seat and everything- cute little baby.

Something about watching fireworks makes me all welled up with emotion and pride.  I love being American.  I am glad we got to spend the day celebrating together.

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