Thursday, July 10, 2014

"King Solomom's Wisdum"

Today after a little lesson about King Solomon, Caity decided it would be fun to make a skit for dad.  She was so excited and spent all of her free time getting ready for it.  There was decorations to think about, plus costumes, not to mention we all had to practice our parts.
 She wanted to make a "triangle vine, like the kind you see at birthday parties" to decorate Solomon's palace, she also made a lot of pictures depicting things about Solomon.
 I loved all her attention to details!  I also thought it was funny she kept calling him "Solomom" and Johnny kept calling him King Sultan. Part of our lesson, I made them crowns and they wore them all day.  There were five main pictures in Solomon's court.  One was a picture of a happy man and sad man (because Solomon discern good vs. bad), a picture of King Solomon himself, a picture of the temple, a picture of his palace, and a picture of two women with a baby in front of King Solomon (what our play was about.)  During our mini lesson today we learned that an understanding heart + knowing good from bad = Wisdom of God, which Solomon had. So I particularly love this picture:
It say "WIS DUM"  With a "good face" and a "bad face" and a "heart." It made me laugh.  Her little set turned out so cute, and I was honestly impressed! 
When John got home from work, we sat him in his reserved seating and headed "backstage."  Caity gave us our costumes (Johnny was Solomon, I was the dishonest mother, Caity was the true mother, and William was the baby we were fighting over.)  It was so fun.
We clumsily stumbled through the story of the two woman fighting over a baby in which to determine the true mother, Solomon says he will cut the baby in half.  The false mother reveals herself by not caring if that would happen and the true mother says she would rather save the baby- therefore proving herself the rightful mother.

It went great. Until the end, when Johnny just couldn't help it anymore and decided he needed to cut William in half anyway. He said, "I don't care anymore, I'm just going to do it."  Caity was pretty distraught until she saw us all laughing, and then we could get her to stop.
I am just looking over at her little corner and am so proud of her, she is just the perfect little girl for this family and we all just adore her.  I am so grateful for her sweet little spirit.


Kristen said...

This is so amazing. :) Mary, you are just awesome. I hope I can be a great mom like you someday. :)

Grandma Partridge said...

This is so great. What a great mom and what great kids. Amazing Brassell family

Whitney said...

I am super impressed! Not only with your rockstar mom status, but with Caity's amazing set up and play! She is so creative! Still my favorite is probably Johnny deciding it had gone on long enough and it was time to just cut Baby William in half... haha

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