Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Like a Tank

Just ask me if I hit a car today. Just ask. Oh my goodness, how did you know? Yes. Yes, I did. In my defense it was a high speed intense, situation and there was NO other solution.

Just kidding. The other car was parked. And turned off.  But, hit it, I did.

As soon as it happened I said, "OH FRICK!" haha- where did that come from?  Then I pulled over and could swear John was sitting next to me with "that smile"- you know the one where he has 100 things he could possibly say, but he chooses not to because if he did his wife would like gouge his eyes out something?  Yeah, I closed my eyes briefly and saw that face. Then thought better of it and thought, "He's gonna kill me."  Haha.  :-/ (love you, dear...)

I get out and the owner of the car (which in my defense was parked in the middle of the road and another car was coming and I was trying to squeeze through...) smiles and says that nothing was wrong with his car. I could have kissed him like any old infidel, but I didn't, I just bought him a Mountain Dew.  There might have been a scrape on the bumper, I don't know- but he sure was forgiving, and I owe the universe a huge ole favor for that act of kindness!   It doesn't look like there is anything wrong with our van either- but I guess we'll let John be the judge of that.  Granted, if he does notice a dent or something I'll probably be like, "Hmmm, are you sure it isn't from the deer you hit a couple months ago?" haha- just kidding, and in his defense, the deer really did run into him! Silly deer. (And no, we did not take it home and butcher it- I know someone out there has to be wondering.)

Anyways, the kindness of strangers sure makes you want to save the world or something.

Which reminds me...at the grocery store (the one that I forgot to buy the one thing I went there for), a woman saw my hands full (AKA- "Caity stop doing th--no you can't have a candy bar, and stop doing that, seriously, where's your--- Johnny please stop climbing on the---Caity, put that down NOW, because it is glass and it is alcohol and it's not yours. Just a minute, Baby Wills let mommy find--Johnny get back here! I mean, please. Please stay by me. How many times do I have to tell you, because I said so.") anyway, she let me go before her in line. How incredibly kind.

Did I mention our neighbor brought us a hose with a sink attachment  so we could have hot water for our laundry? Then, later that night he brought a rack of ribs!  That man needs some cookies or something. (Which says a lot because usually I make those for myself.) :)

It's a kind world and I want to be a part of it...somehow.

Caity just carried William across from her room to my room and William clapped his chubby little hands the whole way. Haha. So funny.  Right now they have set up "apartments" in my bedroom. Caity is busy at work making sure everyone has everything they need.  Johnny is busy trying to mess up her plans, I don't know why she tolerates it!  I would include a picture, but it kind of makes us look like hoarders- soooo, just used your imagination.

I WILL include a picture of William though, you can kind of see his teeth in this one.  Also, he started dancing recently which is absolutely hilarious
Well, two posts in one day. I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself, or if I should get out more...

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Whitney said...

Oh my word that sounds so stressful!! (Hitting the car... well now that I say it the trip to the store does a little as well!) Love nice people! So glad you have encountered so many! It must be because you are such a nice person!

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