Monday, July 21, 2014

Little Things

Yesterday Caity sat at the window and sang a made up song about when it will be her turn to drive, have a baby and go to the park.  William just sat there and listened to her.  My little Annie Orphan.

After eating a handful of sand at the park (AKA- kiddie litter), William crawled to the big toy and climbed his way up, man did he think he was one cool baby.

Johnny has been sneaking Petch (his dog) to church lately...I think I have it taken care of and left at home... then I look down and sitting next to me in the pew is that little bacteria ridden thing and one happy little three year old boy.  I have to give it to Johnny, he does act a lot more reverent with his faithful companion by his side.

This morning, Caity woke up early and picked up the whole house and exclaimed, "I just LOVE cleaning."  I wish she woke up in this mood EVERY day!

John and I measured our blood pressure today. I kind of had kind of high you know, blood pressure or whatever.  I tried to explain to John that it was because I didn't get enough sweets...but for whatever reason he didn't get where I was coming from and made me pack a bag of carrots to the library.

That husband of mine got all his projects at work done on Friday so I could hustle on over to the library to finish my semester. For Good. (For now, anyway.) What.A.Guy. I am grateful for him.

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books.  My first time reading it I thought it was so-so, not bad, not the best either.  It has really grown on me this time around and I would highly HIGHLY recommend 5 stars on good reads recommend it.

Well, back to the grind so that John's efforts don't go to complete waste. :)


Whitney said...

I can't believe you are almost done!! So awesome!!

Tyler Williamson said...

I haven't read blogs in forever! I'm glad you posted a link. It's fun to hear about the cute little things your family is doing. I've never read your favorite book! I've always wanted to. I'll have to sometime! Hope things are going well!

Brit said...

i swear, me and caity are soul sisters. i would do that same exact thing- little orphan annie! i want her to watch 'A Little Princess'. maybe thats what we'll do next time we're together!
i can't get over this Petch character. its kind of like 'Calvin and Hobbes' which makes it all the cuter!
and i have never read that book or was even remotely interested either... but you've peaked my interest.

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