Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mommy's Dinner Theater

On Friday we made BIG plans for a picnic. John had to stay late at work, so I figured it would make the planned pb & j a little more exciting. We spent all day preparing for it, making list and packing and planning activities.  We were counting the minutes until dinner time.
Then it rained.
I wasn't really in mood to sit in wet grass and eat soggy sandwiches so I desperately grasped for some alternative that would still make for a fun night.  I decided we could stay in and watch a movie- creative right? Ha. The kids weren't impressed either. So we made an event out of it. I told them we were going to have "Mommy's Dinner Theater," that piqued their I ran with it. We did "make overs" and they kids told me how they wanted their hair and without question, I would do it for them. I put pretend make up on Caity and pretended to shave Johnny's face.  They were so excited. I shooed them to their room and made a quick impromptu menu. (We had stuff like milk, juice, or water for a drink, grapes or a banana for an appetizer and so on) I set up a table and chairs and put on "The Great Mouse Detective." And they bought it.  They were never so excited for a sandwich, I'll tell ya.  They were very polite guests, and I was quite impressed.
When it was all over, William spilled someone's juice cup.  I said, "That is why you need to clean up your mess." And Caity looked at me and with the most polite tone said, "Mom, it was your job, because we are guests at your restaurant, you know. " Good point. She took the whole concept pretty seriously.

 She was so proper the whole time. :)
(His spiked hair! Ha ha, he wan't to be like Tarzan...he didn't have much to work with)

(He never eats the grape skin. He also never tolerates a bib, he also spits out his food and tucks it into his overalls...silly baby.)


Brit said...

you are seriously the cutest mom.
i love how serious caity played along. playing pretend can get fo realzz!
johnny is so stinkin tan! and his hair spiked is my favorite thing to stare at!
and william- how you described his grape eating, over all tucking habit is too stinkin cute. i just love those two front teeth of his!

Brooke said...

Haha! You are such an awesome mom! Totally going to copy this idea on the next rainy day.

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