Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day!
So grateful for the faith and sacrifice of pioneers that established a legacy I am proud to partake of.  If I was truly festive I would probably churn some butter and march in circles singing pioneer songs wearing a bonnet...but I guess I'm I'll just contemplate ordering a pizza because my kitchen is way to hot to cook anything.  I would have starved as pioneer- how did they do it?  I wonder this all the time and I am just in awe and quite frankly, inspired.
In honor of pioneer day:

My favorite pioneer book: Fire of the Covenant by Gerald Lund. It is about the Mormon handcart companies, it is historical fiction, but at the end of every chapter has sources so you know which parts are real. Great book.

Favorite pioneer vacation:  Martin's Cove, Wyoming.  Went when I was about 10 for a family reunion. I can't wait to go back.

Favorite Pioneer Day Days of '47 Queen: 1982- Alison MOM. :) I just love that little known fact about her! (you have to scroll to the right to see her picture.)

Fun Fact: My 10th birthday was pioneer themed. I kid you not. And it was the coolest birthday ever. We tied quilts. We made rag dolls. We "milked a cow." We made ice-cream to go with my wagon wheel cake.We even panned for gold.

Favorite Pioneer Game: Oregon Trail. NOT. I hated computer days because of that game. I always died of dysentery. Ha ha. Elementary School was rough.

Cool Pioneer Website: Find your Pioneer Ancestors.

Well, I sound like quite the enthusiast there, now don't I?  I don't know if I could trek across the country into the unknown, but it sure was fun going on a walk this evening.

And since I have NO pictures for the day, we are just going to do a couple throwback Thursdays pictures! Yay!

These two were so little!

When William was just a few days old.

7 years ago this week we took our engagement pictures! Seems like yesterday...

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Whitney said...

Such a cute picture of you two! I love the Pioneer enthusiasm! I can't believe you had a Pioneer birthday party! That is awesome! Though the highlight should have been playing the Oregon Trail game... haha I always had a broken wagon because I tried to take too much stuff so they left me! #firstworldproblems... hehe

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