Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

Today after I tucked the kids in bed, I watched the rain fall outside my kitchen window.
I love the rain.

I love the sound it makes on our tin roof.  I love the sounds of cars swooshing on wet roads.  I love the smell, it smells so fresh.  The world looks greener when it rains.  When I feel rain on my face,it always seems like the first time.
I just love the rain.
My favorite is when we are inside the house playing a game or something and even though it is four in the afternoon, the sky is so overcast, we have to turn on the light.  It storms outside and we are safe together indoors, listening to pitter-patter and lightening.  I also love running in the rain. (And perhaps kissing in the rain...) :) I like making soup during fall down pours. I like being caught outside during summer storms. I like how bright spring showers make all the flowers look. I also like when it rains in the winter, because it means that it isn't snowing! 
I grew up in Western Washington, so rain and I are quite accustomed to one another.  I remember sitting at my desk as a teenager and just watching the rain. It made me think about God and who He needed me to become. 
Rain has that effect on me. It makes me think, re-evaluate and re-thank God for the chance to live this life.
So glad it rained today.


Whitney said...

Are you sad you missed the rain and flash floods in Rexburg? It sounds like you were well suited to grow up in Washington or maybe that is why you love it? Except I grew up in Rexburg and I wouldn't say I LOVE wind and snow... hmmm

Brit said...

agreed (:

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