Sunday, July 6, 2014

Shark Attack!

Saturday morning, I had some homework to do, so John took the kids to go visit his grandparents for the morning. When they got home we decided to make the most of the afternoon and packed a lunch, then headed to Denver's Downtown Aquarium.  We had a blast.
The kids were asleep in the car and had no idea what was going on.  When they figured it out, they were so excited and jumping up and down talking about how they wanted to see sharks and turtles! Well, until they saw the merry go round...then that was all the could talk about.  We figured we should get it out their system first- so they were pretty stoked.  Caity of course, chose the pink horse and Johnny chose a "cowboy horse."

 The exhibits were a lot of fun and there was so much to look at! The sea-turtles were definitely a favorite, they were so cute!  There was "Flash Flood" exhibit.  John had the kids stand up close to the glass, then a pretend storm started and the kids were getting a little nervous and before we knew it, BAM! a huge wave gushed down the rocks right at us!  It was easy to forget there was glass between us and the flood, and the kids ran away as fast as their little legs could go.  Cate stopped once she got to me, Johnny just kept running and finally a stranger had to stop him for us! They thought it was funny after and Johnny was pretty amazed by it all.  There were parts of the aquarium where you got to walk through a tunnel and the fish would swim over you.  This was super cool. There were huge turtles and ginormous sting-rays, among other fish.  I don't know if you have ever seen the bottom of a sting-ray, but they kind of look like happy ghosts.  Johnny kept pointing to them and saying, "Mom! That flying fish is smiling at me."  After we got home, he still repeated it as his favorite part.  Some of the bottom dwelling fish really freaked Johnny out and he would refuse to go close to the glass.  It was pretty cute. 

 We got there just in time for a Mermaid show!  It was so fun and the kids were mesmerized.  I pulled Caity away for a minute to watch from another angle and a Mermaid came up to the glass and blew her a kiss and waved! Oh! I wish I could have captured her face.  She started stomping her feet all fast and giggling and telling me "She likes me! She blew a kiss at me!!"  It was so cute. Afterwords, she asked "Were those real, tell me the truth."  I thought about it and said that I thought it was girls in costumes having fun and pretending. She said, "Good, I thought that too.  I'm really glad they pretended for me." 
 Caity also had a lot of luck with the Tiger (I know- not what you would expect at an aquarium, but whatevs. It was cool.)  She was standing by herself, when the tiger came down from his loft and bounded toward her! He looked right at her and licked his lips and kept walking!  She was tickled that Tiger probably wanted to eat her and we had to relive her telling of the story probably about 20 times and then of course Johnny's random additions, "and and and  then I punched the tiger!"  Caity would correct him and say, "No you didn't Johnny."  Then Johnny would make up something else he did to the tiger and the story telling process continued over and over again that way.
 William had quite a lot of fun with all the new things to look at.  At one point I took him to one of the aquarium tunnels and he smiled so big reaching up at the fish swimming above us.  All the colors probably seemed so magical to him.  He gave me a few hugs and kisses and we just enjoyed our little view under the sea.
 Every single exhibit, the kids would ask where the sharks were.  We were sure excited to finally see them. Who am I kidding, I was freaked out of my mind!  The were pretty cool to watch though.  I am still trying to figure out how Johnny was terrified of the alien-invader-lion fish, but laughed at the sharks.

After the sharks, we went and petted Manta Rays and were a little (a lot) grossed out by the texture.  It was so much fun and a total highlight of my summer so far. 

Earlier in the day, John called me on the phone and asked me on an after-hours dates. Meaning, after the kids went to bed.  I was so flattered and couldn't stop smiling all day. So, we put the kids to bed and John headed out to get some gourmet pizza and I got the apartment ready. I set a nice table and picked some flowers from our back yard and put them in tupperware- fancy, fancy! John brought home a pizza called Maui Wowie. It had pesto sauce, ham, pineapple jerk chicken, and yellow peppers. SO good. Then we had fruit tarts for dessert.  It was a fun night with good conversation and it really felt like a date!

Today we headed to city park to go on a walk and discovered "Jazz in the Park,"  I guess every Sunday evening there is free jazz in the park.  It was so fun seeing so many people gathered to enjoy good music.  It was probably more than the entire population of Moscow.  So cool.  Sunday strolls are the best.


Ellen said...

Oh man the aquarium really does sound like fun. Love the stories. Jazz night sounded great too. Life is Good :)

Kayleen said...

you guys are all too cute. I love that you were so flattered by John asking you on a date. I learn from you every time I read one of your posts :)

Whitney said...

So cute! I love your date night! You are always so creative! Sounds like a very good day!

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