Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Livin' in a nuthouse over here.
I called the kids in for breakfast, and I come back to the table to find them situated this manner:
If I haven't told them a million times- no buckets at the table.
But they insisted. And I complied. 
Now if that isn't the cutest one footed bucket-head, you ever did see...the messes his sister gets him into.

Later I walk into the room with them looking like this:
I said, "What in THE WORLD are you doing?"
Johnny said, "SHHHHHH!"
Caity whispered, "Sh, mom! We are trying to hatch."
OK. I'm telling you- weirdos!

I have been trying- emphasize trying- to do a "mom school" this summer. 
Basically, I made some goals to do things other moms seem to do without having to make a goal list to do it.  It mostly includes: 20 minutes of individual reading time aside from our family reading time, at least one planned educational activity a day and time set aside for the kids to do worksheets.  I love watching them work on their "homework." 
 They are thinking so hard!
 It's hard to balance working with them and keeping Mr. Wills happy. More often than not I will look down and see this image. ^

 But he usually gets Mommy time later while he eats lunch.  I was so proud of myself for deep cleaning his high was bad.  Real bad. Like so bad I experienced and internal conflict of whether I should be proud of myself for getting the dang thing clean, or if I should be ashamed that it ever got to that state.  I am going to go for grateful to Pinterest for helping me accomplish the seemingly impossible. 
 William loves "rough play."
After his nap, I have to take him straight to my bed so we can "wrestle." Today, I had him straddle my feet while I bounced himup and down so it was like a little I don't know, jumpy ride...thing, work with me here. He laughed SO hard!  Despite the burning in my quads, I kept at for about 20 minutes because it was so funny.  Johnny was on one side of me and Cate on the other and we just cheered him on because our world revolves around Master William these days.
Speaking of Master William...this ^ is William's favorite mode of transport around our house. It cracks me up. He just looks like this big ole Buddha baby who keeps this stoic face while Caity lugs him around everywhere.  He just extends his arms out and she knows the drill.

The kids (William included) are obsessed with this window above my bed. They just look down upon "the forest" (aka- overgrown weeds) below and talk about all sorts of crazy things. It is fun to hear about what goes on inside of their heads sometimes. Johnny accidentally dropped Petch out the window. He was devastated.  He insisted he had to go down right away and get his dog before someone "stoled it."  I almost reassured him that no one in their right mind would touch that thing on purpose...but then I thought better of it and said he could go with Caity if they stayed together.  Caity was already on it though and was half way down the stairs.  When they came back from their rescue mission Caity assured me that Petch had no broken bones. Phew. That stuffed dog always has me worried that he'll break a bone one of these days. Johnny said that dogs don't break bones, they eat bones. 
Right now the kids are having a picnic on my bed. The older ones get upset with the younger one because he eats "their children."  I tell them that he is just giving kisses.  Caity corrected me and said, "It's not a kiss if you use your teeth."  She has a point.  William gave me a kiss on the cheek today and he bit down so hard!  I was so upset. Then he laughed. And despite feeling like I got stung by 30 bees, I laughed too...because he just looks so silly with those Mater teeth!

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