Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's Go To The Movies

I'M DONE!! Done. Done. Done. No more homework for this girl. For a couple months anyway.  I'll be honest, I almost didn't make this time, you guys.  But I did it. I am glad I have learned what  have learned this semester and am grateful for the experience...yet, almost as grateful the experience is over! :)

As soon as I submitted my last assignment, I got a call from John's grandparents inviting us to a dollar showing of "Rio 2." So we rushed quick and piled in the car in order to get there on time.  It was such a fun afternoon.  As soon as he sat down, Johnny started dancing to the music, it was pretty cute.  It was a cafe-cinema, so all the seating had tables and menus- it was really cool and there was a lot of crawling space for William to explore. We ordered some french fries and Johnny about had a heart attack when he realized I also got some ketchup- I, f'real, was his hero right then and there.
 About a third of the way into the movie, William just got too happy and I had to take him out.  So this is how I spent the last hour of the movie...

...In the foyer watching Master William chase his own chubby toes.  He was sure a riot this afternoon and he kept me pretty entertained as he attempted to dance and escape to the stairs multiple times.

 After the movie, we hung out at GG Brassell's house for an hour and enjoyed the warm company and cool air-conditioned house.
Caity enjoyed reading about Balto with Grandpa

Johnny enjoyed lining up every toy he could find (while his brother interfered...)

And William...well, I suppose William got a little thirsty.  
(he may have had some cat food with that cat water...I'm just going to plead the fifth here. ahem.)

When we got home we made some homemade mac and cheese and the kids told John all about the movie.

Cate's version:  Dad there was like these blue birds...and like did you know they had kids since the last move? Yeah, they did. And so like there was this white bird that was kind of mean and he was trying to get them and they flew all around everywhere trying to find like more blue birds and like the dad was like scared and the mom- like she wasn't. AND GUESS WHAT, dad? She found her dad but he didn't like him and (7 minutes later...) So yeah, the frog really wasn't poison and so they could kiss. It was so good, Dad.

Johnny's Version:  It was about a lot of Birds!

So funny. It was such a good day and I am glad we were able to spend it with Great Grandma and Grandpa Brassell!
And to make you laugh, here is a Weird Al clip that I enjoyed, even IF he was probably responding specifically to my blog! :)


Whitney said...

YAY!! So excited that you are done!! I love Caity's version of the movie I can totally hear her saying it! And Jordan loves like I mean L.O.V.E. loves that Weird Al song! He made me watch it like 4 times in a row... :)

Brit said...

CONGRATS mary! good job!!! im sure that must be one of the most daunting tasks- school and being a mom! i'm jealous of all the time you guys get with grandma + grandpa!

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