Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Pit Stop in Utah

Well, we packed up our little brood and said our "sayonara"'s to Denver, our beloved summer get-away. :) We waved good-bye to our neighbor, Anthony, who was a little out of it because of something he was smoking and drinking, and were on our merry way, towing our life behind us in a rackety trailer.
We met up with John's Dad's Uncle Tom and his wife, Betty, who were visiting from Florida.

I spent most of the evening trying to keep these two happy and under control. It was a process. Luckily they are so dang cute.
He was so hungry, he would just clasp the pouch and his eyes would be all wide and crazy, ha ha.

 The rest of the Denver Brassell Clan was there as well
(Tom and Betty and their Uncle Ray.)

Then we made our way to Michael and Shannon's (again), and enjoyed a night talking with them while our children chased their children hap-hazardously around the house (they are troopers to have us over.)
(Michael worked with William on his walking.)

 We spent the night at John's grandparents. William slept in his pack and play, and the remaining four of us shared a bed.  It wasn't so bad, but Johnny kept elbowing me in the eye, ha ha. He would always apologize after, which was sweet...but it was still and elbow in the eye!  At some point, John peeled that son of ours off his pillow and scooted him over to mine, I wouldn't have minded, except I was also sharing a pillow with Caity. Not to point out the obvious, but I was the first one up the next morning and we were on the road to Utah by 5:30 am. It is always a little hard saying good bye, but I am sure some wedding or other will steal us a visit from John's grandparents soon.
I like driving with John. We talk a lot...well, I do anyway...ha ha. But really, we just get to learn new things about each other, every single time.  We went south from Denver instead of north through Wyoming, and it was breath taking scenery.
If we didn't have such a long drive ahead of us, we would have stopped and hiked something, it was that pretty. But since we didn't have time, we just pulled over and stole a kiss...well, we are married so it was more like, pulled over and enjoyed a rightfully-ours kiss, if ya know what I mean.

 OK, so it was a little Cheezy. Caity was insistent though! ha ha.
 We (finally) pulled into my parent's house. James and Tayci were there with Noah and Miles and Matt is home from College so it was a big ole party. We headed to my cute cousin's wedding reception:
The kids had fun running around and playing with the other kids there.

 My cute nephew, Miles.

Johnny, Noah and Miles.
It was fun seeing my cousins and catching up with everyone.
 When we got home, everyone pretty much crashed.  This is how we found William and Johnny an hour after bed time.  Johnny moved from the bed he was sharing with Caity, to the crib to share with William, and at some point in the middle of the night moved to the floor...sometimes it's tough being the middle child.
It has been a fun visit with my parents so far, I don't feel like have gotten enough pictures- too busy having fun, I suppose. Remind me to pull out my camera today...like, for real. 
 Like, the only picture I have is the one I took of myself before I went to prank Matt. 
And if that isn't creepy....

Highlights of our visit so far
  • Going to the gym with my mom
  • Watching all the cousins play together
  • Visiting my Grandma Ogden
  • Going over to Tayci's for a play date- she had a homemade waterfall toy thing on her back porch, she is the cutest mom.  She is due to have her little girl on Saturday! I hope she gets here soon!
  • Watching movies with Dad and Matt
  • Staying in Becca's room (I miss her!)
  • Dance party with Matt.
  • Going to church with James and Tayci
Anyways, here's to another good day in Utah! :)


Ellen said...

FINALLY an update! I guess I've become a fan (or a creep!) and have missed your updates. Glad you made it safely to Utah and get to spend some time with your family. That mask really is creepy, and I might have nightmares now.....

Life is Good :)

Whitney said...

I love the picture of Johnny all tangled up with Will so funny! If I was Will I would have kicked him to the floor as well! You guys are so cute and I am glad that Caity is a romantic and inspires such cute pictures! You guys are almost here! Have fun with family!!

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