Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All Hail Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt is all the rage among the Partridge cousins.  He likes to put on a rough exterior and gruffly tells the kids to leave him alone (with a slight grin on face)...but it's like they see right through him.  He says, "Go play with your toys." They hear "Come climb all over me."  He says "Stop playing with that" they hear "Throw that toy at me and say 'neenee booboo you can't get me.'" 
Matt puts up with a lot from those kids, and he always has a good attitude about it.  It is just so funny because he doesn't try but they all love him best.
The other day he came upstairs carrying a crying baby Wills and said, "Some one take this baby." As he started to pass William off to my mom, William scurried up Matt's arm and clung his arms around Matt's neck. It was so funny.
Matt always comes up with the best games.  He would throw balls and would then time how fast the kids could run to get them. They played with him for hours. 
At one point he said to me, "Mary, I don't know that you know this...but I am like a god. I go down stairs and the little people follow me." ha ha. And it's true!
So glad he was there for our trip. I have a pretty awesome kid brother!

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