Monday, August 25, 2014

Caity's First Day of Kindergarten

 Caity Brassell's First Day of Kindergarten. School: Gateway Elementary. Teacher: Mrs. Wood. When I grow up I want to be: A Firefighter girl.

 (It is a Chinese Immersion School, so there is Chinese writing all over, not to mention a huge-o kung fu panda in the hallway.)
 Caity has been anticipating this day, probably her whole life.  She chose her outfit and laid it out with meticulous care last night.  She drew a picture for her teacher and she when she woke up her stomach "felt all silly" because she was so nervous.  We don't live too far from school, so we walked.  I only got a little emotional a couple of times- one was watching her walk next to me.  For the first time in forever, she had nothing to say and you can tell her mind was reeling.  At one point she said, "Every one is new in Kindergarten, right?"  As soon as we got to the school, I said, "OK! See you later!" and pretended to walk away, she looked so panicked, "But what about my classroom?" I told her I was kidding and we laughed for a little bit and I think it shook off the nerves a little bit. A million and one pictures later, we made it to the Kindergarten pod.  Her classroom was busy with kids and parents getting every thing put in the right place. We found her chair and cubby and met her teacher, Mrs. Wood (who I really love based on first impressions! It is her 1st year teaching kindergarten and she is from Pullman, which is 5 minutes from Moscow. She seems like she will do a great job.)  She told Caity that she was new too and that made Caity feel awesome.  As I was getting ready to leave, I gave that little big girl of mine a hug and said, "Just remember, everyone else is nervous too, so you can be nice and help them feel better and it will make you feel better too."  And she looked at me like I was crazy, "I'm not nervous, I'm excited!"  OK- never mind then. :)   It was easy leaving her because I was excited for her.
I turned around in time to see her softly trying to talk to Trevon, the boy next to her, but he was so shy he just stared at her and she awkwardly looked at her desk like she didn't know what to do at that point.  She looked so grown up in that little desk, I got a little emotional again (I know, I know, get a grip, she is only going to be gone 3 hours...) but my sweet little girl is about to undertake such a fun adventure and I am just so excited for her. It has gone by so fast.  I snapped one last picture and turned around to find her brothers waiting not-so patiently to get out of that mad house.  So we left.  And Johnny and I are counting down until we get to go pick her up again, because she has quite the fan club between the two of us!

When we picked her up from school, it made me feel so happy that the moment she saw us, she took off running- we were excited to see her too!  The next ten minutes were filled with her excited chatter about school. "My teacher is so wonderful." Then she basically skipped her whole way home.
Now, I asked her to tell me in her own words:
"My teacher was really fun. We even got to speak chinese, there's a Chinese teacher. And we got to play outside...recess! for only five minutes. It was short, but we still had fun. And we also what was it? We also didn't do any homework! We got to read a book and I didn't have to read it on my first day of kindergarten, our teacher read it to us. Hmmm..OK. Let me think what else.  Oh! We got to color. We didn't have any toys, but that's OK because we colored.  And we did "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" in Chinese. And if we get ten points from our teacher we get to hold the panda bear. And you get panda points. I think my, she's nice. It's her first day of kindergarten too, she doesn't get her mean voice out and I think that's it."

John and I talked about starting a tradition where we got to Dairy Queen on the first day of school, so that is something to look forward to for tonight! Can't wait to hear about John's Boise Orientation and everything.


Whitney said...

Oh my word I can't believe she's already in kindergarten!! So fun for her and a whole new realm of adventures for her to sing about!

Kristen said...

I almost cried just seeing pictures of Caity on her first day of school! I can't believe it! I'm so excited for her! :)

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