Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caity's Tree and a Picnic

Caity has dubbed this tree "hers"

 For now, it works because Johnny is too scared to climb up it...
 She is hoarding all sorts of lovely treasures up there: her sippy cup, crayons and paper, along with her "special rock" that she wants to keep hidden from the boys.
Wiliam is loving the sounds he can make scraping different objects against the ground.  He is also understanding me a lot more lately. For example, when I was feeding him dinner (yes, he let me feed him!) he kept standing in his chair.  I would tell him to sit down and he'd look at me cautiously and then squat his chubby little legs down and smile at me expectantly.  When he was ready for another bite, he would slap the table like a viking or something, I swear I heard him say something like, "Feed me, woman."  He needs to learn some manners. :)

Speaking of William's manners:
Johnny and I thought that a picnic seemed an idyllic way to spend our lunch hour. And it was.  Until I went inside. Then I heard screams and "Get off, William!" and "Noooooo, that was mine!" and remembered who exactly I was dealing with here.  
William went all Godzilla on our picnic. 
All the plates were over turned and the kids were crying as William eagerly stuffed his face with anything he could get his hands on.  At least HE had a good time. :) 
Johnny ate his new lunch hiding under the kitchen table with chairs barricading him and Caity surrendered to her tree with her's. 
 And out the window went our family "outing."  So I just kind of let Wills at it and he was in baby buffet heaven.  And I just loved watching him do what he does best: destroy things and get away with it. :)

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Whitney said...

Bahaha what a cute little Godzilla! Probably not the last time Johnny will barricade himself out of Will's reach... haha and smart girl Caity on finding somewhere to hide treasures from boys!

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