Monday, August 25, 2014

Dad's Return and Floating the Boise River

Well, we were so glad for Daddy to get home, glad as we could be!
William decided he wanted to be on the welcoming committee and was up at 2:00 am waiting for his dad! (who he didn't quite recognize at first...)
 Caity requested that Dad wake her up when he gets home, you should have seen the smile on her face, she was so excited to see her best friend, Dad! It was pretty cute.  The next morning was filled with fast talking (to update Dad on everything) and speedy running around the house and wrestling and all sorts of things that didn't happen so frequently with dad gone.

 John and Caity climbing trees together.
Johnny wasn't quite up to it yet.

But him and Dad had a merry little sword fight!
And they played the piano together. 
(William loves that thing!)

Well, Saturday being our last day until School started, we thought it would be fun to go float the Boise river!
 It was so much fun.  It was absolutely gorgeous, Idaho has really grown on me these last 9 years living here. Boise has proven to have it's own beauty as well. The green trees up against the rolling brown hills, just so breath taking.  
It was only like 70 degrees, so it was a little chilly, but not bad. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask- Johnny was all shivers, and I suppose my jaw was pretty sore from shivering the whole time.
 You start at Barber Park and take out at Ann Morrison Park, along the Boise river there are pathways for the Greenbelt, and people were walking and biking.  We'll have to put that on our bucket list.  You wouldn't guess with how pretty and peaceful it was that we were floating right through the city of Boise.

Everyone told us it was a family friendly float, but I think we severely underestimated it.We took black inter-tubes and had it been just John and me, I think we would have been fine and it would have been a good time...but add three helpless-can' got a little complicated. :)  

I am glad my paranoid self convinced John to rent life jackets for the kids, (and since he had missed me so much the last week- he caved without much effort- haha) But seriously, I am pretty sure our kids would have drowned otherwise!  It got a little crazy in parts. Not to mention, my inter-tube was leaking the entire time, so I was basically floating the entire river with nothing, my legs are bruised and scratched up, as is my bum and stomach (I tried a few positions.)  I have always loved a good float and used to do it all the time in college, but adding kids to the equation sure freaked me out a little.  Like, 10 seconds into it, I was ready to turn around, swim up stream and give up!  But you'd be proud of me...I didn't do that! (The river was too fast for me to swim upstream...ha ha)  It took about half a second for Johnny to flip completely over in his tube, like, we hadn't even reached the current yet (thankfully)! So he was pretty done at that point too.  Him and I stuck together for the first part and he proudly said, "Mom and me are both scared, so we stick together, right, mom?)  Caity said, "You're crazy. I'm comfortable."  And she just lounged in that tube like it was a hammock and she was ready to go to sleep.  William shared a tube with John and he did pretty well, so long as John kept him entertained.

There were a lot more rapids than we anticipated. Had we been on a raft like everyone else, we would have been fine....but given the circumstances, it was a little chaotic and though not life-threatening...terrifying for this mama. We would laugh after each little set of rapids, but during the ordeal I think I might of yelled something like, "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIE!"  Then Johnny would look at me all terrified and scream and I would have to be like, "Just kidding buddy, we're not going to die, we're having fun, we're having fun."  Caity thought it was all funny. At some point we lost another inter-tube and Johnny moved into John's tube with William. 

Caity got stuck on some stick coming out of the water at some point, and being all Super mom, I crashed over to the side (breaking a toe and slamming my ankle on a rock and giving a shin a gash) After laboring to reach her, I was about a foot away (from being about 30 feet down stream) she figured out how to un-stuck herself, haha.  So then, it was a mad dash, tripping over rocks to get back to my un-flated tube and then trying to swim out to get her.  Thank goodness for water moccasins. Yes, I wear them. No, I rock them... like it is still the 1980's. Like, in other words, I take off my chacos to put on my super-cool, turquoise water moccasins.  

Anyway, situations like operation- Caity repeated themselves over and over again!  Someone getting too far ahead, or left behind, or hit in the face with tree roots...and John and I trying to get over to help them.  I have to hand it to John, he kept us pretty close together the entire time.  Johnny was so terrified of the rapids, he would scream every time heard splashing, which would in turn cause William to scream.  We were so cold and exhausted by the time we finished!  We just got destroyed by all the rapids, like completely soaked every time! I would be behind John and the boys and see a splash go completely over them like a tidal wave knowing Caity and I would have to go through it next. Not to mention- I didn't have a tube, so my bum would take a beating! John offered to trade, but I didn't trust myself with William, I'd take the bad tube any day.  Now, I am probably exaggerating when I say "rapids"  I just can't think of a better way to describe the turbulent parts- and they seemed pretty treacherous from our little tubes!

I can honestly say we had a good time- we just learned some lessons for the future, like taking a raft for the kids or something.  When pulled over into Ann  Morrison park, Johnny and William were both fast asleep, so it couldn't have been SO bad. Caity has been wearing the experience like a badge of honor. She is pretty proud of herself.

The kids were excited to hop on the school bus to take us to back to our car.  Since William and Johnny took a power nap on the river, they were in quite the chipper mood!  

Despite what it sounds like from my writing- I am so excited to go do it again. (Just with a raft next time! haha) 

Sunday, after church, we had a barbeque and had a family meeting to talk about goals for the school year and John gave the kids blessings. We are going to try to be better about family prayer and scripture study every day and Family Nights once a week.  One day at a time and I think we can get it going...just kidding, we just have to put Caity in charge of it and she'll make sure we get it done! Haha, my little walking day timer! It was a good weekend and boy, is it nice having that John Calhoun back!

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Ellen said...

What an adventure. Glad you survived and even had a good time! Life is good :)

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