Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good Evening

Sometimes it takes being sick to truly appreciate how nice it is to be well.
Such is the case with today. Tonight, for the first time in days I felt like I had the energy I needed to keep up the Mini-Johns...and we had a wonderful time.
We built sandcastles and played in the hose while I watered the lawn.
William would just crawl after me and sit by me until I moved to the next patch of half-dead grass, my little buddy.
Johnny practiced drawing circles with sidewalk chalk and he thought I was the coolest, funniest person in the world when I washed it away with the hose. (And I'm going to choose to believe him! ) 
Caity remained focused on her sand castle-extraordinaire. I looked around the backyard and tried to breathe it all in (but failed as I started to cough and sneeze because I am still a little sick, you know...)

I just love summer evenings. I live for them!  Feeling the warm breeze on my face, unites me with that overflowing freedom and contentment I remember feeling as a little girl after a good, long day of playing, exploring and make-believing.
I am glad to be where I am.
I imagine some day I'll feel that same warm summer breeze and be back in this exact moment: watching Cate methodically sketch her plans with a stick in the sand, and Johnny howling as he zips through the cold hose water, with little William smiling that toothy grin up at me with his mouth full of grass, all while I keep checking my phone to see if John has called yet because I can't wait to hear how his day turned out.

We came inside and danced to Disney songs as the kids had a snack.  William kept laughing and swaying with me and I realized how much I take that baby for granted. We held some races, read a book and said a family prayer that contained more "close your eyes" than it did "thank thee fors" I'll have to work on that...

It is nice to be well, it is nice it is summer, it is nice to be in a family.
And it is MOST nice that everyone is asleep!
(William holding his soccer ball from Forrest)

(The boys looking for spiders and worms to scare Caity in the abyss between our house and porch.)
(From the photo shoot Caity helped with back in July. It is the back drop on my phone. Every time I thought my phone vibrated, I would see this sweet face. I like her.)

Well, looks like Caity can't sleep because of her headache and because she is so excited about her new school supplies...Princess Diaries it is! "Shut UP". :)
Or even better "Wait up you guys! Wait for me! Not you. I don't even know you!"  The night just got even better.

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