Tuesday, August 19, 2014

House Sweet House

Oh dear House, how I love you.  You have been so good to us with your third bedroom, clean carpets and fenced backyard.
Really though, I could go on and on describing how much we love our new place. From the garage to the extra counter space, to the laundry room (as in like, not shared with the kitchen!), to a designated dining space, to the cute fireplace, to endless closets, to my very own walk in closet (yay me!), to a master bathroom, to the ceiling fans, to the endless space to stretch our legs, to not having to smell what our neighbors are cooking for dinner to well....everything!...Turns out we are house people. Ha ha.

The first few nights basically ended with John and I sitting down on the couch, looking around our new place, then looking at each other and talking about how happy we are with this little rental house of "ours."

We took off from Pleasant View as soon as John finished his test last Saturday.  We were exhausted from moving from Denver, then a week of partying with family but we were driven by excitement to see what our new home for the year would be like (we hadn't seen it yet.)

By the time we picked up our trailer in Caldwell and made our way back to Boise/Meridian, it was like 9:00pm. Our Boise home looked a lot more welcoming than our Denver Attic. It was love at first site and we were so shocked at how much space there was! (Our living room was about the size of our entire place in Denver).  It was awesome.

After two months of sleeping on cots and the floor, you better believe we backed that trailer up and pulled out our mattresses! Best. sleep. ever. Ha ha.  The kids marked their territory and ran up and down the halls and around the living room for about an hour straight.  Well, actually, just Johnny did that, and William crawled after him never really able to keep up.  Caity just laid in her "very own room of her own" making angels in the carpet and singing a song about how her room is always going to be clean.

We some how got the kids calm enough to go to sleep and we enjoyed a frozen pizza and watched Sabrina, not the teenage witch- the classic with Audrey Hepburn. The next morning, we made our way to the LDS church down the street only to realize we were at the wrong building! Ha! Isn't that rich? Apparently our building is about a mile or so away. It was nice attending church all the same.

After church, we came home and started the long, tedious process of settling in.  I am usually all for this part of the move- organizing and setting up house... but this time, I was a lowsy sport about it all. I just wanted to snap my fingers and go Mary Poppins all over the place.  When I packed those boxes I was up to my head in school work and I labeled half the boxes with clever little notes to myself like "You are really going to hate yourself when you open this one..." And sure enough, I proved to be prophetic- some of those boxes held no rhyme or reason!  

Well, we finally found a place for almost everything and I must say, it is feeling like home.  Sure we have a few boxes left and have some pictures to hang up... but it is feeling nice and livable now. We have loved "our" house.  There is room to breathe and room to not hear the kids some times...and call me bad parent of the year but...that is AWESOME.  You have to cut me some slack here though, Caity skips breathing and constantly sings- like constantly, take it to the back yard- that's what I say...because we have one now, you know...let the neighbors enjoy your melodic interpretation of everything in front of you.  :) I love that girl.  Then there is Johnny, it is so nice to let him run every where without worrying about the neighbors down stairs.

We next did what we do best and made our rounds on craigslist and got Johnny a car bed that we overhauled (a post for another day), a BBQ (for free!),an air compressor, a lawn mower and wait for it....a piano!! If you can't tell, I am pretty stoked about that piano. How we came to obtain the piano is a long story involving an evangelical preacher selling his great grandmother’s piano for 50.00, and when we realized we wouldn't be able to move it with our trailer so we had to decline. On our way out, he asked what we wanted it for and we said to practice hymns and he said “tell you what I’m leaving to go where the good Lord sends me in the morning, I’ll give it to you for free and set up delivery for you”  So he did, and it is a beautiful piano and we didn't even have to move it or have it tuned. Crazy story huh?   

Having a piano feels pretty grown up and sophisticated and I think it just adds such a cool presence in a home.  It has been fun taking turns playing it, or being bored and plunking out a hymn (only to have John sing the wrong one because he couldn't recognize what I was playing…ha ha)

Anyways- now I am just rambling.  I'll show the pictures I have on my camera, though I don't have any of the bedrooms yet...maybe later.
from the dining room^
from the hallway (I know, i need to hang up pictures)^

from the front door ^
From the kitchen doorway^

From the dining room door way^

The backyard!

Our soon-to-be garden and the sand box.

Well, here we are in Boise playing house and enjoy the fleeting summer days. If any of you want to enjoy the sage brush and brown hills of Boise...we love visitors! We'll even give you your own room. :) 
Here's to a great year with many great new adventures...ready or not, Boise- we're here!


Ellen said...

Whoohoo! House looks great! Glad y'all have your own space and are settling in. Life is Good :)

Kristen said...

Mary the house looks amazing!!! Jordan and I just kept saying "wow" and "awesome" while reading this post. We are so happy for you guys! I hope you have a lot of good memories to come in that house. :)

Whitney said...

Ah I love your cute house!! And I am so glad you are here!! I can't wait for all of the fun times to come!

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