Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Johnny's Car Bed

So, I mentioned earlier...we got Johnny a car bed! He has been asking for one for forever and after talking about it, we figured- "Why not?"  So, we found one within our budget and when we showed up to pick it up- yowza! It was a piece of work.  It was covered in scratches, sharpie marks and was missing its tires and it just looked....well loved- we'll go with that. :)  Since we were getting it for practically nothing, we decided to go ahead and buy it.  We talked it over and decided that car bed needed a make over!  First, we got some sand to fill up the sand box for the kids to distract them.
I think it worked. :)
 Then, we got to work:
(and I have to hand it to John, he was the only reason we have pictures of the process!)

 I am the queen of shortcuts, so normally my projects turn out spotty at best, but John insisted we prime it first (I think that was a good idea, now that it was done...at the time, I was getting a little burnt out of our project! haha)
 After a couple coats of primer, we realized we needed more supplies, so John grabbed the boys and took them out while I unpacked the kids' rooms.
John thought it was so cute how William would drive the little cart:
 When John got back, we realized we bit off more than we could chew with spray cans, and decided to pull out John's air compressor and spray gun.

 Meanwhile, in the sand box:
 Things went significantly smoother with the spray gun.
 Caity wanted to help out too!

 I left to get a hair cut and came back to realize we were almost done! Yay!

 Meanwhile, in the sand box:

 Then, we FINALLY finished! At first, the bed didn't fit in his room and we had to rearrange everything.  It was well worth the effort though, that Johnny boy was sure excited when it was all set up!
 He was jumping all over the place shouting about his car bed.  He calls the toy box attached at end his garage, which cracks me up.  His bed has proven to be a favorite toy, and two weeks later, he still is excited to go to bed!


Kristen said...

Johnny looks so happy! You guys did such a great job!

Brittany Brassell said...

this turned out SOOO good! He is beaming!! Forrest and I got a good chuckle out of him sitting all cheese grinned in his new car bed. What a lucky boy!

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