Friday, August 22, 2014

Missing Calhoun

As of this very minute, it has been exactly 7 days since I have seen that John Calhoun #4.  John has been up in Moscow, Idaho for the last week doing some Mock Trial class on steroids.  There have been a lot of late nights studying and I am sure he is happy to have it all done with.  Considering his life is probably miserable with out me :).....I think he is having a good time up there.  He has gotten to see a lot of our friends and I think he has had fun working on his litigation skills.  Meanwhile, I'm down here feeling like half myself with him gone!  Johnny has pointed more than once that I have been talking to myself. Ahem. Maybe that was too much to divulge's more just thinking outloud, if you will.  
Caity felt sorry for me and made me a stand-in husband for the week:
It was almost like the read thing.
Paper-John wasn't as good of a kisser- kidding! Ew. You're disgusting. 
He's a great listener though, just kidding again, remember? I talk to myself these days? :) Anyway, I thought it was sweet of Caity.

I am beyond excited for John to come home today. 
I, get this:
Made homemade apple pie! 
Completely from scratch!  I can take that off my bucket list now.  This is John's favorite dessert, so I am excited for him to get home so we can dig in!  I am really proud of myself.  I know some betty crocker somewhere is like "Yeah whatever, it's a pie" but I'm over here like, "Umm HELLO! It's a pie! I made A PIE!"  ha ha.
I have also unpacked a few boxes, seen a few friends, had my Aunt Janae's family over, and did a few crafts:
OK, all I really did here was paint the pitcher.  But if you could have seen the psychedelic flying snowmen ,you would totally appreciate the transformation.

I also made a sunflower wreath! Yay! Welcome to our home! I actually took the "B" off, because it proved to be bit much.  But I like the way it turned out. in the end.
And thanks to Whitney lending me some chick-flicks, I have had a Sandra Bullock marathon over the course of the week to drown out the creaks and noises House makes in the night. 
It has been a decent week.
But I am oh so ready for that John of mine to get back here!

This morning, I woke up around 6:30 am, snuck from my bed, to not wake Johnny who somehow ended up there, and walked into the kitchen and I saw this out my window: 
They were just up playing together in the sand box.
What an adorable big sister. And what a sweet scene to take in on my Friday morning.

 Johnny stacking car towers in our bedroom.
Caity singing a song that I kid you not, went like this: "Guitar, guitar, guitar, my guitar." in the same note. Repeat.
Silly girl.

We've kept each other company but we are all counting the minutes until Dad walks through the door. The kids have made "Welcome Home" signs and I have been listening to country music smiling to myself all day. John has been the one constant in all of our moves and vacations over the past 7 years and besides Special Olympics in China 5 years ago, we haven't spent more than a night apart (and even that is rare.)  So it has been weird.  It has also made me appreciate him a lot more.  The first few nights, though I kept busy, I felt kind of empty and lonely inside. At first I thought, "What is wrong with me that I can't stand being alone for a couple days."  But then I came to terms with it and compare it to eating a potato plain verses with salt and butter.  John is my salt and butter, and life just tastes better with salt and butter, you know what I mean?  No, I don't know why I have to relate everything to food.
But you get the idea, I miss that guy.
Get home already, John! :)


Whitney said...

So cute! I'm glad you got some use out of the videos! I have been on a Cake Boss binge! I oh so totally agree that they need to come home. Somebody that I know that I happened to talk to didn't sound too happy... so hopefully the long drive will give him time to relax and get excited to see us! We are sure excited to see him! Let's all play soon now that you don't have the plague anymore... hehe!

Ellen said...

That pie looks great! Good job Mary! Life is Good :)

Erin Anderson said...

I'm so happy for you guys that you have a big back yard and a home to enjoy. How long will you be in Boise? I'm sure you will love it there. Maybe all the boise state football crazies will catch a hold of you guys will be hooked ;} I'd love to see you when I am in town next time.

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