Sunday, August 3, 2014

Missing Random Things from Denver

Today I, once again, grabbed that wiggly baby of mine and sat in the foyer at church to listen to Sacrament meeting. As I sat there, it all hit me at once. This summer in Denver is officially a thing of the past. And I missed it.  So strange.  It was wasn't sad leaving and from the beginning we viewed it as a temporary home, but it was just that: our home.  Though the time was short, that attic of ours housed some memories I will always cherish.  I miss the "views" from our house.

I miss us coming home from a long day of Denver exploring, and playing with my kids in that crammed space.

I miss Cheesman Park and our daily walks there. 
I even (kind of) miss our neighbor, Anthony. Never a boring day with that one. John took this picture of him, after Anthony discovered a tattoo he never knew he had.

Denver was good to us.  We grew a lot and grew closer. Though unconventional at times, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I sat down as a visitor in my brother's ward, and missed the people I went to church with. They were amazing, and I admired their genuine faith. It made me homesick for a place I had only known 2 months.
I'm sure Boise will bring great new friends and great new memories, which I look forward to, but I am sure every time I say "Remember in Denver when..." there will be a smile on my face.

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Whitney said...

I love your good attitude and outlook on hard things!

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