Monday, August 18, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

Well, well, well, have you missed me or have you missed me? Or have I just missed talking to myself on this thing?
It is good to have internet again. Don't be too disappointed, but I took a total of no pictures for the last week.  Forget you- I am disappointed with myself! So many missed moments, oh I am sure I will catch up, one day at a time.
For now, I will share some pictures from our time in North Ogden.

John took the kids off roading on a little four wheeler.  I am pretty sure it was everyone's highlight.  I didn't snag a picture of Cate, but I guess John taught her to drive it herself for the first time!
Johnny got these sun glasses from John's mom and he has been wearing them ever since!

We got to go the Ogden Temple Open House while we were there.  The kids were pretty excited to see the inside of the temple.
 Johnny's like, "Whaddup?"

William on Uncle Spencer's shoulders.

The kids with Maamaw and Papa.

Johnny, looking into the coin fountain.

Our family in front of the temple!

Caity was so excited!

William and Spencer
I have to tell you, Spencer was an awesome uncle to my boys this trip (not saying he ever wasn't one- you know what I mean...anyway...) While Maamaw took Caity shopping, Spencer stayed home and had a giant bowl of ice cream with Johnny and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then played with Wills when he woke up.  THEN, he squeezed between car seats and had long, meaningful conversations with Johnny about super heroes.  The boys just loved him.

We got to celebrate Maamaw's birthday...
it took some work, but Papa was able to get Mr. William to laugh!

And everyone was excited to have Aunt Shaylee get there the night before we left.  These kids love all their Aunts and Uncles.  Every time we would tell Johnny to come quick he would run saying, "Kristen and Jordan are here??"  And Caity's favorite dress is the one NeeNee picked out for her because her and NeeNee "like the same things!"  Another highlight for me was the morning walks with John's mom and the late night talks with his siblings.
It was a fun trip and was good to see family! 
We sure were excited once John's test was done to make our way to Boise to introduce ourselves to our new home! 

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