Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Right Now at Brassell House...

I have a miracle worker at my house.
It's name is dishwasher.
In the dish goes...and wallah! It is clean as a whistle! (Except are whistles even clean?)
How have I even lived without a dishwasher this long?

In other news: I lost my keys.  Like REALLY lost them...I know they are in my house, and I know William was playing with them at some point, but guess what- he doesn't remember where he put them. Silly baby.

I got the kids in the car, buckled up- which, let's be real, people- is half the battle...and I couldn't find those blasted keys anywhere. And I had my heart set on getting some sunflowers for the awkward-do-it-myself-pitcher I spray painted Saturday. (I LOVE sunflowers.) No keys. No sunflowers. Or Caity's school supplies.

Soooo, at home we have stayed. We are all feeling pretty under the weather anyway (I think we are feeling sick for missing our teeny, little, dirty, attic apartment...bahahaha....or not! :) ) Really, though- we have gotten kicked in the head with the worst kind of ailment and we are constantly sprawled around the house sniffling, coughing and moaning.  By house, I mean we are confined to our front room, because for whatever reason, that is the only place William will let us lay in peace with out pulling our hair and lecturing us about who even knows what.

The nice thing with William is that he is easy to please when he is sick: just hold him and sway at a very specific pace and roam up and down the halls. For hours. At all forsaken hours.
So it's not so bad, now that I am accustomed to a numb left side. I lay Wills down and feel empathy for Quasimodo, I am so lopsided, and swear I growing a hump on my left shoulder.

Speaking of Wills though- he says "hi" now! Well, it is more of a "Haw!" But is the cutest "Haw" I ever did here.

At church on Sunday, Johnny insisted that he tell everyone that although he is three, next he will be four. Like he was so enthusiastic for everyone to know this little fact about himself. He likes he new nursery and his nursery leader wears duck dynasty slippers, which Johnny thinks is awesome.  Caity had two other kids in her class; and, there was snack time and since she is so much like her mother- she was sold.  I of course, spent the three hours giving in to the will of my Master William. In heels. I must love him!  He is so sneaky, as soon as I sit down in class he cries and screams and as soon as I step in the hall he all smiles "haw-ing" at everyone he sees.  Cute baby, how you torture me- but I love you anyway with your receding hair line and big "Goofy" teeth!

I wrote all this yesterday...we are feeling better this morning, maybe we will get desperate and take John's land cruiser out to run errands and I'll try not to feel to classy in that lifted beast. :)

Look at me...two posts in one day! It's like I was never gone! :)

And some more pictures of the life around here right at this moment:
Lining up toys.^

Her own bed! ^

Johnny running in circles and William clapping^

Now Johnny chases William.^

^Cate pouting because Johnny is sitting next to her.

^So she pushed him off. Like a nice sister.
^He wasn't happy.

No worries, they worked it out and are playing "house" once again.  And oh my goodness! I just found my keys! Why didn't I think to look in that vase? Of course that is where they would have been! William. :)

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Ellen said...

Glad you found your keys! And also glad to hear y'all are feeling better. Life is Good :)

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