Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Running Through the Sprinkler Still Terrifies Me

When I sat down to write this post initially, I was at a complete freeze.  
Nothing really stood out as spectacular. I mean-it was a good day...but it seemed like just another day of good old back-breaking fun. And by back breaking, I am for real: William is a tank. A cute tank. But a heavy one too.  
I reviewed my day. I did some yard work while the kids practiced cartwheels in the front lawn.  (My neighbors hopefully missed the compromising positions I found myself in while being enthralled in the weeding business- there was some pretty hard to reach places, you know.)  We played in the backyard some more, and William once again banished us to the living room for a time.  We also picked some flowers for my table and they make me smile.  But it seems like everything I wrote about yesterday all over again and probably, in essence, what I wrote about a month ago!

I took a break and realized I needed to pick up the chalk and toys in the backyard. I made my way outside in time to see such a pretty sunset.  There was a social at the church down the street and so I got to water my lawn to the sound of them laughing and shouting. I could see them running after frisbees from my patio, and I swear it was breath taking. Just people enjoying each other on a beautiful summer evening. 
(I would have taken a picture if I was good photographer, except I probably wouldn't have because I don't even know those people and wouldn't it be weird if one of them stumbled upon my blog and saw their picture, that I took, two fences down?  Glad I thought that one through- you'll just have to take my word for was a happy sight to take in.) 
Anyway, something about it just lifted my spirits and made me realize what an awesome opportunity life is. What a gift. 
I continued picking up the remnants of a day well played and took a moment to realize it's good to be alive.
William is hard to feed these days. He is so picky! Also, he doesn't let me spoon feed him, and he doesn't know how to spoon feed, it has become a struggle every meal time. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
William got stung by a bee TWICE in his eye. I tried to get a picture, but it just doesn't do it justice, he was pretty swollen today- but he was a champ and after an initial scream, he was solaced so long as I was in eye sight.

Ok- I debated putting this one on here. But I am going to ignore the fact that it is a picture of me in my swimsuit and zero in on how much fun we had running through the sprinkler together! And let me tell you- we had fun.

Caity loves spraying the hose into the tree and making it "rain"

 We made a star!
They thought that was pretty tricky...

 They are so weird, sometimes!
We made a pretend house out of chalk. It was so much fun. Some of my favorite parts: Johnny's ninja turtle bed, every room had a slide, Caity putting hangers in everyone's room, the fruit they drew in the fridge, Caity reminding me to put a basketball on Dad's bed, Caity insisting we make a toilet, Johnny's octopus in his room, everyone voting that William get his own room because he is so loud sometimes.  When I went back there tonight, I added a little framed picture of me and Caity to her "wall" of her chalk bedroom. I think she'll like it. 

I found these two pictures from yesterday and wanted to share them with my future self :
These two are buddies. Caity is trying to coach him in his walking endeavors.

I love when he sits on his knees! :)


Whitney said...

I love reading about your awesome normal life! Good for you posting a picture of having fun with your kids! Looks like you had a beach day in your backyard!! Love it!

Kristen said...

I love these pictures! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun at your new house! You deserve it!

Kayleen said...

you guys are soo cute! And, HELLO!! You look AMAZING in a bathing suit! Still loving all these updates!

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