Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Bugs are People Too"

"They are just little people trying to take care of their families and they actually have to work for their food mom, they don't just open a fridge and have food there."  Caity clearly underestimates how food gets to her table. "How would you feel if someone killed you and then I was just alone waiting for you to come home with crumbs...or like...a piece or garbage?"
It took about five minutes of debating with Caity for me to realize that I was arguing with a 5 year old about whether or not bugs were indeed people, I realized I needed to be the bigger person and walk away.  Then I ignored that realization and shouted, "Oh my gosh, Caity! The bug is on you!"  She shrieked and said, "What you are waiting for? Get the fly swatter! Get it! Get it!" I guess we all can be swayed. And I guess all bugs can be swatted.

Today Caity said, "I am just having a hard time because it is my last day being 5. Don't worry though, because I'm still your child- so that's good."

John and I found an elliptical on Craigslist yesterday. Today I introduced myself to it and decided the two of us will be great friends despite the fact it has made my bed room considerably smaller. Johnny came running in and said, "Mom! I never seen you practicizing before! You're good!" It made me smile. Then I bribed him with play dough so I could finish my work out...and that says a lot because what I feel about play dough is in the ballpark of how I feel about say, mosquitoes or when a bird poops on my shirt.  No, that hasn't happened but I imagine I would feel the same annoyance cleaning that shirt as I do cleaning up play dough from my carpet. Play dough- why must you exist?  Oh yeah, so I could finish my "practicizing" today!

 (Don't tell me he could fall off that thing, if he stands up...I already learned that...the hard way.)

William has learned the art of Peek-a-Boo, and it is awesome.His chubby little hands awkwardly cover only part of his eyes and when he pulls them away it is like he surprised himself- like, "What? I'm here? Would ya look at that!"  What a cute and perfectly talented, beautiful baby he is- and that is coming from an unbiased mother, here. ;)  He is walking more these days and talking a whole slew of babble throughout the day...I am lovin' it.  He also has figured out what brushes and combs are for and awkwardly tries to use them accordingly, it is cute.  I sat him in the sink while I did Cate's hair and he leaned over with the brush and was my personal assistant! The kids were in a fit of giggles over the whole thing.

My mom came in town this weekend, and boy, did we have a good time!  It is a party when she comes into town.  I loved our late night talks and just spending time together.   She brought up John, Caity and William's birthday presents and I must say- she out did herself.  She even brought something for Johnny.  She just has a way of bringing excitement with her and everyone seems to be in a better mood and I just love how special she makes my kids feel.
Playing in Caity's room.  They were playing with dolls then Johnny ran back to his room to grab "His Guys" and when he came back, Caity and Grandma suggested they have a dance.  Well, different super heroes were paired with different Disney princesses, and then Johnny pulled out his Hulk and Spiderman and said, "What about my BIG daddy guys!?"  Caity pulled out her Barbies, which solved the problem for a little bit- but then- you know- Johnny realized they were NAKED!  "EW- they're naked! My guys don't dance with nakeds!" He hid Spiderman and Hulk behind the dresser until Caity had her Barbies clothed to his satisfaction. Censorship at its finest, people.

After a long day, all we could do was veg out on my super-NOT-comfortable couches (that may or may not have busted completely to the floor when the bishopric came to visit last week...awkward.) William kept walking from me to Grandma.

Opening presents.

For Caity, she made a quilt and bedding for her room (she has been begging for a "pink room"-I'll post pictures later.) It was awesome. She also got one of those bracelet looms with the rubber bands? That was pretty cool.

For William, she made a vintage toy quilt, that was so, so cute- William loved it and rolled around it over and over again.

John got some drill bits which prompted him to immediately go out and reorganize his garage! She knows him so well- haha.

The kids and I went to Walmart today.  After Johnny punching Caity until she would listen to his story, and Caity screaming in the awesome whiney voice she can get the whole time that Johnny was "Punching her again and again and again..." and me pulling over and slapping both of their feet in a really lovingly-there-is-beauty-all-around-when-there's-love-at-home sort of way...I knew we weren't going to make it.  So we said a prayer. And let me just say, God is aware and answers even the littlest most insignificant, desperate prayers, even in the WalMart parking lot. We made it, we got everything on our list and we were all friends after.  It has been a pleasant afternoon, and for that, I am grateful.

Tonight I have to settle once and for all the pile of laundry on my bed.  I also have to decorate for a "Rainbow Birthday," not to mention finish painting (or maybe watch John finishing painting- ha ha) the D-E-S-K Caity is getting for her B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y....she has no idea! :) I am excited!


Ellen said...

Oh that "bugs are people too" conversation cracked me up! Glad you had a grand time with your mom. Life is Good :)

Brittany Brassell said...

caity is seriously the sweetest, most kind little human I know. Her thoughtfulness and concern for others reminds me to be a better person and more child-like/Christlike.

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