Thursday, September 4, 2014

Caity Turns SIX!

Yesterday, Caity turned six! Boy, was she excited.  The day before, I overheard her saying, "I am so done being five!"  Ha ha, OK.
 Caity requested a rainbow themed birthday.  Judging by all our neighbor's decorations in Denver, I didn't think it would be too hard- ha ha, but it turned out to require a bit of creativity. 
I channeled my inner Rainbow Brite and can honestly say, I am happy with how it turned out in the end, even if it is a little Walmart-chic! Ha ha. I tend to avoid pinterest when I plan these sort of things- takes the fun out of it...ha ha. It was so much fun to put together for her. The night before I told her I couldn't find any colors so it would have to be a brown rainbow- I don't know why I tease her like that, but it sure makes the reveal fun! 

For breakfast, Caity wanted us to have "pancakes together as a family." She was insistent on the family part.  So the night before I made rainbow pancakes- so much work for a lousy pancake- haha, but it was a lot of fun and totally worth it, the kids thought it was really cool, I love how easy to please kids are.  
When I finally crashed the night before her birthday I was trying to remember what it was like six years ago when I was in the hospital waiting her arrival.  I swear, SWEAR, I felt a contraction! Haha, like flashes of the show, "I didn't know I was Pregnant" came to my mind. I almost woke up John, but instead I closed my eyes and tried to remember the feelings of excitement I felt 6 years before. I remember John sleeping on the couch as though it was yesterday, then watching the monitors as they beeped and her movement and thinking, "Any hour now, I get to meet her!!"  She changed our lives forever  and we are so glad to have that Caity-girl!

For Caity's big birthday present, John and I found a desk on Craigslist for her.  I just fell in love, I thought it was so cute! We (John) painted it and outfitted it complete with any supplies she would need (paper, markers, My Little Pony pencils, crayons, a sharpener, tape, stickers and so on.)  

We put a big bow on it and set it up in her room while she was sleeping. (I want to paint the lamp and chair pink still...)  So when she woke up in the morning she saw it first thing.  She was so excited. She appreciated each and every effort we put into it and it made it so worth it!  I still think it is the cutest desk, I love how it folds up like that. (Side note: the doll on top of it is one my Grandma Odgen hand stitched!) Caity was most excited by the whole ream of paper in the drawer- well, that was easy. :)

After her rainbow pancake breakfast, we waited for Ian to come over and pick her up for school (they walk together) She enjoyed playing the piano and singing without being interrupted because it was her birthday (normally, Johnny will pipe in by playing the low notes.) 
 Her school has pretty particular requirements for kindergarten snack, so we finally settled on bagels with cream cheese. She was pretty excited about that, and they sang her Happy Birthday and she said she feels the MOST special when people sing to her.
For lunch we went to McDonalds and got Happy Meals and played on the Big Toy.  When we got home Johnny picked up the present he wrapped for Cate and said, "I got you Legos!"  We figured since she already knew what it was, she could open it up and they could play Legos together. That was a lot of fun. Meanwhile I finished the cake....
Caity wanted a Better Than You-Know-What Cake, or at our house: Dirt Cake. I used peanut butter M&Ms for the rainbow and marshmellows for the clouds, with the toffee bits- it was so delicious. 

At one point, I asked Caity if she wanted to help me make the treats for her friends and she called back, "Sorry, I'm busy being an artist!" I seriously love that desk. You can see the bedding my mom made in the background.

We had friends over to play! We don't know a lot of people in Boise yet, so this was a special treat. My kids love Gavin and Porter. Besides Johnny pouring a bucket of sand on Gavin, we had a lovely time.  We played with cars, made rice-krispie treats, ate blueberry applesauce ('cause it was purple) played in the sand, and had a sword fight protecting our queen Caity...who was apparently pregnant.  (I think she gets human queens confused with Bee queens- she'll say, "Mom! It's the queens job to have babies for the whole kingdom. I'm always pregnant when I am the queen.")

When Dad finally got home, we had Kraft Mac & Cheese with Strawberries and Raspberries for dinner.  We played with Ponies for a while and then it was FINALLY time to blow out candles!

Next, we got to open presents!  Simultaneously, everyone started to call and wish her a Happy Birthday- which were presents in and of themselves.  This girl was in heaven.  She got cards from her Great Grandparents, as well as Mamaw and Papaw Brassell. Mamaw and Papaw also sent her ten dollars- she said, "I've never had this much money before in my whole life."  It was pretty cute.  From John and I she got a treasure chest with little trinkets in it, a loom, a Goldie Blox book, a shirt and some little Chinese Doll figurines I bought her when I was in China five years ago- that was awesome finally giving them to her!

After we ate cake and raspberry ice-cream, she went in the front yard to show Ian her Chinese dolls (he's learning Chinese) and ride her bike.  Then begrudgingly- her "special day she has been waiting for all year..." ended. Don't you remember that feeling?
I went inside to find William scrounging for applesauce in the back yard, 
it was so funny to me finding him just squatting there! Babies are just fun.

A special Happy Birthday to the girl that made me a Mama.  You are my little partner and I am so glad we have each other. I look forward to picking you up from school every day and I love our time together. You are a thoughtful, smart and inquisitive girl- you keep me on my feet and adore your love for learning.  You are conscientious and you try so hard do your best and make good choices.  I admire your faith and your tender spirit. Your little prayers are some of my favorite.  Thank you for being the glue in our family and dealing with all of our craziness! It feels like just yesterday I was holding your little body in my arms trying to get you to smile for the first time.  

I just love you, little girl.  

Let's have you stay six forever, shall we?  No more growing, please!

Love, Mom.

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Brittany Brassell said...

I love it!! You did such a good job decorating! I love all the small details on the table. I'm sure she was in heaaaaven. Her desk turned out so well! Great painting job. And I never saw the bedding from your mom before- how sweet of her to make. I'm glad she had such a fun birthday. I get so dramatically sad seeing her grow up so fast! It's the most bittersweet feeling ever. She looks so happy and beautiful. And William cheesy faces always give me a good chuckle.(:

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