Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Calhoun, You're Getting so OLD!

We love you, John. I am so grateful for the dad and husband you are and that we got a whole day to celebrate how much better the world has been the last 29 years with you in it!  Thank you for your constant optimism and for just being so dang awesome.  
John's birthday was a great one, if I do say so myself.  In passing, he told Caity he wanted a basketball themed birthday, so I did my best to deliver!  My mom headed on her way back to Salt Lake in the morning and then we headed to church. EVERYONE took a nap- which, like, never happens, so that was nice.  For dinner we had (per John's request) Salmon, cheesy potatoes, watermelon, and grilled corn on the cob. And we had a butterfinger/oreo/brownie ice-cream cake to celebrate. I got him a couple of ties, a belt, the 4th season of The FBI Files, some chocolates, and a hammock I found on craigslist- all by myself! :)  After cake, we went on a bike ride to DeMeyer park and played for a bit.  The sprinklers were going like crazy on the sidewalk, so we got soaked- but of course, that was John's favorite part.  He sure makes life fun.
It was such a good day, and I am lucky girl to have that Calhoun of mine.  
Here's to finishing off your 20's strong!! 

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Brittany Brassell said...

we are only 2 years apart for 2 months. and i'm eating this up that he's so old and i'm so young (;

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