Monday, September 22, 2014

Goin' to Church

I love when we don't calculate our time right, so we are a little early getting ready for church. (Seriously, it seems like we are always rushing out the door!) 
There is just something about having a few minutes to enjoy each other before we head out and because they are dressed in their Sunday best, the kids almost look sweet and innocent.

It's hard these days to capture a picture of William that doesn't come out blurry.  He is just so wiggly! Yesterday he mastered saying "Uh oh." (Should I mention it was when I caught him pulling all kleenex out of the box in the church foyer? No, I'll leave that part out.)  John took Wills for the third hour and when I exited Relief Society, there he was, toddling full speed in my direction, smiling and laughing. Made my day.

I love when Johnny wears suits.  He is such a little man. When I picked him up from nursery, he said, "Mom! I have a friend who's going to be my friend forever!" I asked him who it was.  He said, "YOU!" Then he gave me that cheesy grin where he opens his eyes all wide and it just melted my heart.  Johnny is always so good at those one-liners I need to hear!

This girl.  Love her. She makes it her personal responsibility that everyone has what they need for church each week. She makes sure there are enough crayons and coloring books for her and Johnny, and let's just say- I stopped packing a diaper bag because Caity already had it under control.  Atta' girl.  Her big obsession these days is having a "ballerina bun" in her hair.

(See! Another blurry picture of a constantly moving baby!) William and Johnny have been walking and holding hands lately.  It is so cute. That is, until Johnny gets too excited and takes off running...then it gets a little traumatic for little brother. So far, he has survived though.

John insisted we drive Sally to church yesterday.  The kids were 100% on board- not that I wasn't, it's just 6-inch lift and big tires don't mix with a pencil skirt when I am trying to get in the car! Ha ha.  

It was a good Sunday. We tried our hand at Bacon Cheddar Burgers and they were yummy.  We went on a walk, and laid low. Good day, good life.

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