Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy First Birthday, William Bradley!

Yesterday, our little guy turned ONE!
Mr. William, we just love you over here! A year ago was one of the best days of my life- and I am so glad and grateful you are a part of our family.  I just love the way you want to experience life in full throttle, you always want to touch everything and explore it out.  When you discover something new you giggle- whether it's reaching for the bushes on our walk and you find a new texture, or when you are digging in the sand box.  I love that you give bear hugs more time a day than I can keep track.  You, my baby, are happy to be alive and it is contagious!
You are a laid back baby.  I suppose you have to be because of your very attentive brother and sister. You are a tease.  When people talk to you that you don't know, you get shy and nuzzle into my shoulder.  You can trust some when they tease you though. 
You love high-fiving.
You aren't a big talker, but you sure do babble a lot and you are just tickled when we babble back to you!  Yesterday, however; you kept saying Happy Birthday (Hap buhday!)
I love when you sing along and wave your arm.
You love cars.
You love fuzzy blankets and always bury your head in them.
You love the sound of your dad's voice.  Ever since you were a baby- you hear his voice and freeze until you see him and then it is all kicks and giggles.
You thoroughly enjoy feeling things with your hands.
I love watching you follow your brother and sister around the house, always about five feet behind the excitement, grinning ear to ear.
I love when you get excited and want something your eyes get big and you grunt.
You love socks! You bring me socks in the morning and sit on my lap.
You are not much a cuddler, but you give the very best hugs. 
You make your dad and me so happy. We just like you and we love you.  You are one awesome little guy.
Here is a picture overload of your birthday:

Of course, Chocolate Cake! I know my Wills and his chocolate!...Errr...I mean...uh, this was the first time you like ever had sugar...but I just had a feeling you chocolate...or something. Who am I kidding? You are a sneaky little boy and you figure out a way to get what you want! And you figured out sooner than you should have- you like chocolate!

Caity got this toy for Christmas when she was one.  We saved passing it on for your birthday. You were so excited when you found it waiting for you.

Rather than hang up balloons, I figured I'd leave them where the could be a good ole' choking hazard, good time! You didn't disappoint, you had a great time!

We played in the sand box for about an hour and a half.

Your brother smothered you all day...

As did your sister.

We finally got to sing you Happy Birthday and have cake!

You felt so special! It was just my favorite part of the day.


A little hesitant at first...

You got over it.
You even tried to share!

For presents, we passed on some of the toys the older kids had when they were your age.  You loved them. You tried to pick them all up at once and walk with them.  I could see the panic in your eyes everytime one of your siblings picked up a toy to look at it, you were possessive. You also got a Popper Vaccum from your Brassell Grandparents (which you loved) and a quilt from Partridge Grandparents (which you also loved.)
Caity also wrote you a note:
"William, Happ Birthday. I love you. It is so exide (exciting) I hop (hope) you hv (have) fun ben (being) one. Love, Caity" 
With pictures of you, Johnny and Caity with party hats.
We love our Master Wills. You just make us smile! 
Happy Birthday, if this year is anything like the last year, I'm sure it will be a great one. 
Love, Mom


Ellen said...

Your birthday posts are always SO much fun. Glad Master William had such a great day (but it's really no surprise with the great, loving, and adoring family he is apart of)! Life is good :)

Ellen said...

annnnndddd.... P.S. William is so very cute. He is so grown-up and doesn't look like a baby at all any more. Gosh that year has flown by! (Okay, I promise no more comments on this post.) Life is Good :)

Whitney said...

I bet that boy had to lack of attention!! It looks like you all had a great day! How could Wills not when his mom is the master of birthdays? You always make them so special and personalized just the way birthdays should be!! :)

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