Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

I wrote earlier today about my frustration of a bad day.  
I also want you to know that I know those days come and those days go, but one truth remains steadfast: I feel so blessed to be a mother.  
It is a hard endeavor some days, but I know it is a worthy endeavor every day.  I know that the time and effort I put into my role as their mother is the best possible thing I can be doing with my life. 
I do feel fulfilled as I make it my priority.
Though in this role I feel pulled in multiple directions at times, when stripped down to the basics- I know I am lucky to be called "Mom." (Even if it is followed by "William is playing in the toilet again.")
In the last six years I have felt God's influence in my life more than I realized was possible. I'm in over my head, that I know; but He lifts me to be the woman these children need.
It is a crazy world.  A good world, but at times a confused one.  I look at these innocent children and feel the magnitude of what I am called to bear in preparing them for the lives God needs them to lead.
Being a mother is no small role.
It gets overwhelming.
Thank goodness there is prayer. And chocolate.


Ellen said...

Oh chocolate......! Life is Good :)

The Hildreths said...

This was so beautifully written Mary! It makes me want to be a better mom. You are amazing!

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