Monday, September 22, 2014

Ice Riders!

Friday, John rode his bike to work.
He got lost and got into work a little late.
To say the least, he was more than on board when I offered to come pick him up so we could play.  He parked our car at Whole Foods and after throwing some mystery items in the trunk, we were on our way.  We drove around the hills outside Boise and enjoyed some pretty breathtaking scenery. I assumed John had planned a hike and picnic and was wondering why he wouldn't just pull over so we could get started.  We drove around some more and stopped in front of a huge grass hill called the Simplot Hill.  I went to open the trunk to get what I thought was food, only to find four blocks of ice! Oh, I was excited! 
We were going Ice-Blocking. 
(It's kind of like sledding in the summer, you ride the ice down the hill.)
I was interested to see how this would pan out. I mean, it's no secret we aren't the most coordinated family in the world. Like, some people in our family have been known to trip on air, kind of uncoordinated...throw in some ice...hmm.
We fared alright, though.  It was such a fun was way to spend Friday evening.
(I could have downsized on pictures...I mean, that would have been the practical thing to do, but each one takes me back and I just didn't have it in me to do it.)

We had a good time and walked away like we owned that hill- even though it looked like we all wet our pants. (Apparently, ice melts.)

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