Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just Another Monday

Mr. Busy Pants, over here. He is just so mischievous these days!  William has been so much fun lately. He loves playing "chase" and laughs hysterically the entire time you are crawling after him.  Yesterday during family night, he kept flinging his arms over his head as he looped around couches and furniture, yelling and then laughing to himself.  
Now when we pray, he'll bow his little head, but he'll still be watching everyone.  It's cute.
This morning, he grounded me to the confines of the couch again while he ran away and ran back again like a cute little baby yo-yo. He is so funny.

I told Johnny to smile for a picture and the smiliest boy I know really pulled through for me. ;/ Stinker.
Yesterday, running errands, he was so funny.  When we pulled up to the first place he said, "Mom! Look! There is a garbage truck, I want to give it a hug!" I asked him to clarify if he meant the garbage man and he said, "No, the truck! Like this!" Then he hugged a truck in the parking lot...right as the owner came up. Johnny just smiled and said, "Your car is so cuddly! HAHAHA!" (Fake laughing as he walked away.) 
Then, since he ate like a half a watermelon this morning, he had to use the little boys room about four times while we were out, like, desperately had to go.  He had to run and jump up and down the aisles going "Ho! HO! HO!"  A stranger said, "Wow, you are a good runner!" 
And Johnny replied, "No! I just have to go peep!" Then would be back to jump-running back and forth. 

Our neighbors made this doll for Caity and it her favorite. Her name is Meebee.

William also likes her.

Caity is pretty dang protective though!
My favorite part of the day is picking up Caity from school.  I love hearing about everything.  Since we have a half a mile walk home, I get to hear all sorts of details. 
Today, when I told Caity she could wear any shoes she wanted she said, "I'm going to wear tennis shoes so I can play soccer with Brooke."  This is a big deal. Her friend, Brooke, plays soccer every day before school and Caity has been too nervous to jump in and play and it has caused a lot of turmoil in my kindergarteners' life. I have been trying to get her to play, but she would say, "I don't want to lose." or "What if I kick the ball the wrong way?" 
I was so proud of her as I could see her suppressing her nerves. We drove to school yesterday and she told me I could drop her off in lane rather than walk her (another huge deal for Caity.) I watched her hop out of the car and square her little 6 year old shoulders and walk with brisk determination toward the play ground. She didn't look back once she was so focused.
I was so proud of her. I knew what was going through her mind and she was so determined. I drove away eventually because I didn't want to raise an intruder alert or something, because yes- I sat there that long! Caity is just growing up.
Turns out she didn't play though because Brooke said, "I'm not playing with you today because you left school early on Friday." Kindergarten can be harsh! So Caity had to find a new best friend for the day. Good thing Lindsey and Tayley were close!  They played tag and did monkey bars and it all turned out all right.
At dinner, we had a good time laughing about things that had happened to all of us during the day.  We all go around and say what our favorite part of the day was. Caity always says having her family all together at dinner. She is so sweet. 

For family night treat, Johnny and I made caramel apples. They were yummmmy!

Then we moved to the living room so William could crawl all over me.
We went on a walk and enjoyed the post-rain temperature and fall foliage. 

It was a good day and I am grateful for this family of mine.

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Ellen said...

Looks like another good day at the Brassell House. That doll of Caity's is pretty neat, glad she protects it so well! The caramel apples looked tasty! Life is Good :)

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