Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wannabe Lewis & Clark

Friday, William went on his first camping trip!  Unless you count the time last summer when we went while I was seven and half months pregnant...boy- was that torture! This time was a lot more enjoyable- Let me tell you. And get this...we didn't forget ANYTHING (well, except roasting poles, but not a big deal).  We are famous among our friends for forgetting vital pieces every time we go camping- the tent (4 times), sleeping bags, food... Not this time though, this time we were like little Eagle Scouts and prepared and stuff.

 John took off work a couple hours early and we got everything all packed and picked up Caity from school, then headed straight to the mountains. The kids were beyond excited.  I was planning a family movie night and both Johnny and Caity assured me that Dad's idea was better. :) I'd have to agree. It took us a while to find the perfect spot.  John doesn't count it as camping if there other campers within 20 miles. Soooo, ziggy zaggy through the off road trails we roamed in search of our mountainous oasis in Boise National Park.  Despite my supportive exasperation getting there, I have to hand it to him: it was beautiful camping spot! 
We cleared out all the pine cones and sticks to set up the tent John's parents handed down to us at Christmas- it was one of the old big two room kind with metal poles.  I wish I could have gotten some footage of that process.  It looked a little sad and droopy for a while there- I was losing hope and ambition, but we finally got it up. Gold star for us, you know?  Next we had to set up the fire pit, which the kids loved. They did a great job! We made a fire and roasted hot dogs. The kids explored the great outdoors and John and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the moment. (Key word: moment. ha!)  William spent most of the evening in his high chair, which he loved- he just sat there like a boss overlooking his kingdom.  After dinner, we did a little night hike, the kids were pretty scared of bears and foxes, but thanks to their dad they got over that and were soon afraid of sharks. Sharks, people!  Maybe we are the type of people who shouldn't procreate and no one took the time to inform us. I mean, really? :) We came back and put Wills down in his Pack-and-Play and talked around the campfire as it died down. We tried our hand at dutch oven cooking for the first time and made raspberry peach cobbler- so delicious.  It was just so nice eating cobbler looking at the stars and listening to crickets.  Both the kids were ready to crash soon after- so I have to say it was a successful first day! 

The night....well, gosh- William had a hard time.  It was nice because we had an area heater this time, so we weren't too worried about the cold, but Wills was pretty bent out of shape not having warm milk. Roughin' it, if you know what I mean. Poor guy.  It was funny when we did pull him out of his crib and he would just crawl around laughing! Johnny woke up, but Caity slept through the whole thing.

Saturday we had a tinfoil breakfast of breakfast burritos- yes and thank you. They were amazing.  I swear everything tastes better when you camp! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a yummy and easy, but warm breakfast outdoors.  Then we played Ladderball (the boys won) and we explored some more.  I was proud of myself because while John was working on his land cruiser, I cowgirled up and gathered some great fire wood to bring home for our fireplace! That's right, I battled spiders, beetles and other creepy creatures like a boss and I better have earned some bonus points from John! 
We carved our names into a stump and took off home.
It was an awesome way to spend the evening.  I can never fully commit to saying "Let's go camping!" because of all the work, but I am so, so, SO glad for John insisting we go because  I am sure I will treasure the memories we made.  I feel like we got to know each other in new ways and definitely appreciated God's beautiful creation more fully.

Watching Dad set up the fire

Caity made a nest, and Johnny would just run down the hill.

I'm widdling a roasting stick, watching William dive for the fire pit, like a good parent. 

Of course we got a picture of Sally!

Off they go!

Showing us her nest.

Drumming and laughing on Dad's head.

Up in the middle of the night!

We had Caity put together the Ladder ball set by herself, and she did it! Way to go, Caity! 
Our little problem solver.

Helping dad fix the truck...

I know, picture don't do it justice, but it was gorgeous. Colors were changing and the streams were clear- it was the perfect weekend for a campout!

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