Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Socks, Baby

My kids have always hated socks.  Whenever I would receive two matching hand-me-down socks, I immediately knew the predecessor of the socks was super mom, because seriously- after my babies and toddlers go at it for a couple minutes, they can usually free at least one foot and who even knows what they do with that forsaken sock, because I don't.  I never have been able to keep a pair of socks a pair. 
Well, it has been cooling down here and I begrudgingly pulled them out of the hamper, sat Wills on my lap, and put on the socks.  Boy, was I surprised.  He started giggling and smiling and putting his hands on he cheeks like he was just so pleased with the situation.  He kept petting his feet and then he turned around and laid big one on my cheek, then toddled down the hall- still giggling! At first I felt awesome, then I realized what kind of mom am I if my kid is this excited about socks. I felt little guilty- poor guy probably had these cold little toesies (yes, I just said toesies) and didn't know what to do about it! 
Later, a sock fell off and he came stomping down the hall in a total panic (cheeks jiggling) with the misplaced sock in hand and he gave it to me, sat down and sure enough- giggled again as I put it on his foot! 
I guess some babies are sock babies and some aren't.
Today, as he was laying down for his nap, I caught him stroking his face with his socked foot- ha ha! Gosh, he has been fun at this stage.

Cate loves, LOVES walking the curbs on her way to school. Yesterday she said, "Mom- take a picture to put on your blog!" Ha! 
After school she was pretty bent out of shape because she kept messing up on her "S's." She said, "My teacher keeps giving me rhymes and it messes me up- I just need her to tell me straight- 'Draw an S' and there, I'll draw one." Complete with exasperated hand movements and a shaking head. I said, "How can she give it to you straight when S's are all curves?" She didn't get it.  At least I know in my heart how funny I am. :) It's awkward how proud of that one I am.

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Eliza said...

Man, you are one witty mom. :)

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