Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bees, Ghosts, and Craigslist

Today, we saw this flower bush completely swarmed with bees. Like hundreds of bees. Caity said, "I guess these flowers are like the Walmart for bees- you know, like this is where they can get all their stuff."  She is liking her new kindergarten class, by the way.

Johnny kept racing ghosts on our walk home today. I would say, "It's coming! GO!" and he would dash on down the walk with his eyes watching how fast his feet were going.

William's fingers looked especially chunky today as they tried to turn pages in a library book, it made me smile. Have I mentioned whenever he goes in the sand box he takes handfuls of sand and dumps it over his head? :) It is so funny.

John sold a car today. 
We meet some pretty interesting people when we do this craigslist thing.  These people just up and moved from Iowa because they felt like it and brought along their friend who they only knew about a a week. All was as normal as could be as we met up in a Walmart parking lot like a bunch of drug dealers. They had some fun stories though. 
I am grateful for John for the work he does fixing things and then selling them.  Today we made enough to cover rent  You da' man, John. 
He also sold an equalizer hitch earlier today.  When the people showed up to grab it, they kept asking all these questions about the hitch, and all I saw was a pile of metal, so we had to wait for John. They came inside and we talked about all sorts of every-day conversational things from their kids winning the lottery (!) to killing elk to why Idaho is better than Michigan. We also talked about all their grandchildren. It is just so fun meeting new people. I especially like seeing John meeting  new people, he has a way that really gets them to open up. 

And then there's me.  I woke up today and about five minutes into it, I was ready to throw in the towel, just kidding- I was ready to crawl into a closet and curl up in the fetal position because, well, I don't know why...I just was feeling down and sometimes the obstacles of the day seem like just alot to handle.  But I got through it and got a lot done today and spent some good time with the kids so I basically feel like a rock star. 

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Ellen said...

Oh I like you guys! Life is Good :)

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