Monday, September 8, 2014

Lucky Number 7

Today John and I celebrate seven years marriage. 
It feels like just yesterday:
 Our families
 (I was so excited!)

Spencer felt honored to get a kiss on the cheek by the new Mrs. Brassell.
We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple (though I was from Seattle and John was from Virginia)

Wouldn't change a thing about the last seven years. 
My favorite moments of the last year:
  1. Having William, not to mention waiting to find out he was a boy!
  2. Our first Christmas on our own.
  3. Hiking to Jerry Hot Springs in the dead of winter.
  4. Living in Denver for two months and all the adventures that ensued there.
  5. Floating the Boise River on inter-tubes.
  6. Halloween 2013- the kids dressed up in clown costumes (that they hated-ha!) and John and I dressing up as Ghosts.
  7. Valentine's Day- getting stuck in mountains then coming home to have Red Bento by candlelight. 
  8. John getting his first elk (the night before Wills was born!)
  9. Moving to Boise and having an entire house to ourselves for the first time.
  10. Caity starting Kindergarten.
  11. William learning to crawl and walk.
  12. Johnny's Hulk phase.
  13. John working at the US Attorney's office.
I feel pretty lucky that I get to live my dream. Life is good. Even if John provides more I-swear-I-almost-died moments than I ever anticipated!  We have fun together.  Not a day goes by where I don't realize how lucky John is to be married to a girl like me, (haha, kidding- I know I married up!)

Our first anniversary was celebrated by me coming home from the hospital after giving birth to Caity. Yowza, we didn't waste time!  John had known me longer pregnant than not pregnant! ha! Poor soul! We ate the top of our cake and had a quiet dinner and then stared at Caity for about an hour waiting for her to do something spectacular like yawn.  Ever since, we have had similarly low key anniversaries and I look forward to them every year. (Maybe because August and beginning of September are always so busy for us.) It is just nice to wake up together be like, "Wow. 7 years! And we still like eachother."  Then hear Wills squawking in the next room and wonder why we didn't book a cruise or something. :)

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Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys set such a good example for not only your kiddos, but for us of what married life should be like! I love to see how much you guys love each other and how sweet you are to each other without making everyone around you want to vomit! Hope you get to celebrate at least a little!!

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