Thursday, September 18, 2014

Play Ball

Today while Caity was in school, I played catch with this guy:
Gosh, he's cute.
We had so much fun. Some of my favorite things he said while we were out playing today:
"Don't throw it in a bird's nest, or you'll break Mama Bird's kitchen."
"Oh my FRICKEN!"
"Sometimes I like when Caity goes to school because there's no talking in my ears all the time. So yeah."
When I asked him if he was having fun: "Yeah, but I wish the ball was a rocket ship and I wish there were monsters here."
"Shhh, you'll wake up the spiders and they'll bite my brother in his bed like dinosaurs."
"My tummy is just frustrated."

Today, I experimented with dinner and came up with something new. Hopefully it tastes good and hopefully we don't die upon consumption.  Actually, I'd rather die if it doesn't taste good, because forcing kids to eat food I don't even like is exhausting.

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