Friday, September 5, 2014

"Saten wus a Profet"

The night of Caity's birthday, John was on the bed doing homework while I was exercising on the elliptical (trying not to talk to myself since he was there and that would be ultra embarrassing to get caught in my weirdness. What? I'm a think outloud sort of girl sometimes.)  Anyway, there we are, minding our own business(es) when in walks our sweet little SIX year old.  She was insistent on wearing her cupcake dress with the blouse underneath to bed.  She looked so sweet and angelic as she brought us what I already knew was a thoughtful thank you note telling us what wonderful parents we were and how great her birthday was. Without looking, I said, "Thank you, sweetie- good night!" And off she went.  About ten minutes later, I am thinking about that Caity girl of mine and remember the sweet note waiting for me at the end of my bed.
I pick up and this is what I see:
"The Book of SATEN"
Two sad people, then
"MOM" and "DAD"
You better believe as soon as the shock wore off I was laughing hysterically...I mean, it was a little disturbing, but also a little hilarious.  
Every so often I really despise myself for not having a camera on me- this is exactly how I felt when I saw John's face expression after seeing her note. I mean, I am laughing writing this, people- he was that thrown off.

As the laughter died down, we were still a little, we read on:
(I'll translate for you.)
"Satan was a Prophet"
"First, he was bad. Until he was swallowed by a whale."
She confused Jonah with Satan! Ha!
I mean, it's understandable...I confuse people all the time with Satan...except I don't. Haha. Well, I know what we are learning about tomorrow! :)

 We read on...
 "Then he started to pray."
"When he prayed he was forgiven for the tepl (temple?). He was saved."
"The End."

Oh my deary me...
I love kids.
Especially that kid.
I asked her tonight what the picture on the cover was.
It was Jesus and Heavenly Father sad looking down on Earth where "Jonah" was pushing a girl and another girl was helping her. (Yeah, we are definitely learning about Jonah tomorrow)

I love when this girl writes me stories, it is a direct shot into what is going on in her mind.
Today she wore stick on earrings to school when I picked her up she said, "No one could see them under my hair, but that's OK, because I knew in my heart they were there." 
Alright, I should end it here before I ramble on and on and on and well, you know how I am. :)


Ellen said...

Hahahahahaa! That book is the best. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you and John realized it wasn't a thank you note! Hope the Jonah lesson goes well today! Life is Good :)

Whitney said...

Bahaha I love it! Was she devastated to find that her masterpiece was not quite as masterfully accurate as she hoped? I can't believe how well she writes though for just starting Kindergarten! Go Mom!

Lauren and Michael said...

This was the greatest thing I have ever read! I can't wait for moments like that!! I can't believe she is six!!!

Eliza said...

I almost peed my pants... I love your family!

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