Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Slides and An Afternoon Kinder

I love going to parks with these two boys!

 William will crawl up the slide, then lay on his stomach to slide down. It cracks me up every time. Whatever exciting movement he does, it is always accompanied by a giggle. He will toddle around the house after Caity and Johnny- 20 feet behind- just laughing away.  Lately he has selected a prop to walk around the house all day with- yesterday it was a spoon, today it was a shovel. William walking has been one of my very favorite things. He is just so pleased with himself.
I got to play a lot with Johnny and Wills today.  We played with cars, "guys" and ran around outside.  Despite being eaten a few times by hulk, it was a good day.

Today I got a call from this little girl's school informing me she had been relocated to the afternoon kindergarten class with Mrs. Frasier.  If you know Caity, you know change for in her routine is not taken lightly.
She was devastated. Cate cried so hard she couldn't finish a sentence and no matter what spin I gave it, afternoon kindergarten was surely going to ruin her life. 
Some of her concerns: What if my teacher is old? What if they don't sing "Happy Birthday"? What if I have no friends? What if everyone looks at me and says, "Who's that girl- she's supposed to be in morning." What am I going to tell Ian? What if Mrs. Wood forgets me?
I didn't want her fretting about it all day and so I opted to take her back to school after lunch to finish off the day in her new classroom. She refused to look up even once on the walk there. I kept spouting off all the good things that will come from her being in the afternoon kindergarten class to no avail.
Having her gone all day sure made me glad kindergarten is typically only a half day- life is just so much fun for all of us when she is home. At the end of the day she came running to me with a big smile- turns out she didn't die or anything- what a relief.  
I think she even liked her experience. She is a little frustrated with small differences from her morning class, but I think she is at peace over the whole ordeal.
So tomorrow we will start a new schedule and hopefully get into a nice routine. 


Whitney said...

Changes like that are hard for everybody especially when you are just getting comfortable!! Glad she didn't die!! :)

Kristen said...

I can't believe they had her change! That must have been rough. Thank goodness Caity is so kind and optimistic. :)

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