Friday, September 19, 2014

Some Brassells Came on Over

John's dad stopped in for a night since he was in the area for some training.  It is just so fun, I just love my father in law.  The kids were so excited- as was John.  In true father/son fashion, they worked on a motor scooter John's dad brought up for Caity almost as soon as he got here!

(insert picture of the men tinkering)

It was fun staying up and talking.  The next day, Caity got to show her grandpa her school, he always knows how to make her feel special and I think she thought pretty highly of herself showing him around.  Then, he took off to watch John being all lawer-y in federal court doing sentencings, which John said wasn't too big of a deal but I'm over here like, "for YOU, for the guys getting sentenced it's the biggest day of their life!" John's dad pointed out how cool it was that John was representing the United States of America and gosh, when he put it that way- I realized how cool it really was!  It has been such an awesome opportunity for John to work in the US Attorney's office the past few months.  John said they had a good time catching up over lunch and spending time together.  I love when they get to spend time together.

The same day John's dad left, Shaylee and Kevin came to visit! It was so good seeing them. We just love those two. I married John when Shaylee was only 13 years old, we shared a room when I went to visit and immediately she felt like my sister away from my sister (they are only a month a part in age.)  Her and Kevin got married a year ago and they just make a great pair.  We had fun hanging out and spending time together.

In efforts to not be as boring as we usually seem to be and overload on Netflix, we thought we'd give the Boise River another go and we didn't even come close to dying this time, so that was good. Bad news: Shay and Kevin lost their Go-Pro camera! The same Go-Pro that they bought less than a month ago for their one year anniversary! Gosh, I feel bad. We searched for hours trying to find it in the river to no avail.  We sure know how to have a good time when people come over.  I'm sure Shaylee and Kevin are just dying to come back!  Maybe when the dirt settles we can go back out.

We tried to shake off the bad news with pizza and a movie, which was fun..but alas, the Jensens took their leave and we sure miss them.

These are the only two pictures I got of their visit:

They were troopers and played with our kids a ton.  Caity and Johnny were on cloud nine.

Last Sunday, we got together with the Stotts and had a barbeque at Ann Morrison park and went on a walk.  It is so fun that they are here and we can get together.  It was nice catching up as my children mauled Addi.

Like seriously...that poor girl was smothered.  I am impressed with what a little trooper she was through it all and impressed that Whitney didn't make a "no kids bigger than Addi on the blanket" rule, because yes- it was that bad!  William may or may not have whacked her on the head. Multiple times. Gosh, I love being a parent at times like this!

Haha. Oh dear- such is life, I suppose. Well, life as a Brassell anyway.

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