Friday, September 26, 2014

Why Kids Are Fun

This morning I rolled out of bed with John when he went to go play basketball. I spotted Johnny curled up on the couch.  He probably had a bad dream and sought comfort in the kitchen nightlight. Sweet Johnny Boy.  I sat down and started on homework, knowing today wasn't going to allow much time to get it all done.  I heard Johnny creak by me and assumed he moved back to his bed.  A few minutes later, I heard giggles the next room over. I peeked into Caity's room to hear them telling each other about their dreams and giggling. 
Johnny: "Dreams are like shows I watch when I am sleeping! My dream wasn't scary but there were mean ghosts (hand gestures) that were still friends with me and I was like, 'are you a stinker?'" 
Caity: "I had a bad dream but then I woke up and was going to get mom, but I just rubbed my eyes and boom, it went away and I went back to sleep!"
I turned on the light and they were startled, and they smiled big despite their sleepy eyes and it is one of my favorite things.  I love sleepy kid faces with messy hair and morning breath that they seemingly are completely unaware of!

Please tell me I am not the only one whose child pretends to be a dog. Furthermore, insists you call him "Doggie."  At the store he was crawling around and I said, "Johnny"
"No, Mom, Doggie!"
(Whispered) "Ok, Doggie- let's go!"
"Louder, Mommy!"
"OK Doggie, let's go!"
Lady who didn't hear him asking me looks at me like I am strange. 
Clearly, she doesn't have a lot of experience with three year old boys who insist they are really four.

Off we walked to school yesterday with my little doggie-child in tow.
When we are running late picking up Caity, we cut through the park that connects our culdesac with other culdesacs and Caity's school. The kids love when we go that way because there are really fun play grounds we will stop at and play for a while, so I try to go that way as often as I can. you see that grass?
Seriously, part of American Ninja Warrior should include a segment of pushing a stroller through thick, bumpy grass. It is awesome showing up sweaty to pick up Caity.

She doesn't seem to mind. :)
When she came home from school, she grabbed her new umbrella, her make-shift Elsa dress and begged to watch Frozen, by Frozen, I mean skip to the "Let it Go" song. Then repeat. Over and over and over.  Then skip to the Spanish version at the end and repita previous scenario in Spanish. "Libre soy! Libre soy!'  The first time Caity heard it she thought it meant Soy milk.  (Her teacher was lactose intolerant at the time) Caity would sing, "I drink Soy! I drink Soy!" It made me laugh so hard, every time! It broke my heart when she figured it out.  
It reminds me of the other day when the kids realized the fast food restaurant, Old McDonalds was actually just plain McDonalds, and that the clown in the pictures on the window really didn't have a farm, ee yi ee yi oh.

Guess what? 
I know you have all lost sleep over my William's- eating problem.  Homeboy ate an entire sloppy joe yesterday.  Of all things!
He kept pointing to me and I would touch fingers with him (ET style) and he would smile and be all beside himself and it just warmed this evil heart of mine that was forcing her kids to finish their dinner before they could play.
He brings so much joy with that smile of his!

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