Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day in the Life #3

Cereal and Pokemon Yahtzee

Lion vs. 4x4

"Bye guys! See on Monday when Mrs. Frazier is back!"

"Today it was hard to feel special at recess, but I tried. And I didn't tattle, but almost."
Don't mind our make-shift double stroller.

Happy to be outside, touching every bush we pass.

Looking at mom!

Oh, he must be running a temperature.

The time that Johnny turned into a werewolf.  Aaaaah-Oooooo!

I swear the tree in our front yard was green yesterday.

The other tree seems to change colors every day.

Admiring the boy that mows my lawn.

They like watching him too.

Play-dough time is Johnny's "happy place."  

Caity's Tree.

Hope your weekend is full of crunching leaves, apple cider, and  pumpkin carving.
I know I am hoping my weekend is full of those things! :)

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