Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Lion, a Hulk, and a Ballerina

Today there was trunk-or-treat at our church. 
So at around four o'clock, my three sweet children disappeared, and in their place I found:

The Hulk,
 A Ballerina,
A Lion.

They were the cutest hulk, ballerina and lion I ever did see...but I could be biased. :)

Dressing up was so much fun.  I feel like everyone dressed up as something that really represents their interests right now, so that just made it even better.

I know- I have a million and one pictures of William.  That lion costume just cracked me up. It was so funny watching him woddle through the crowds with his big ole mane. He was in heaven just walking around, looking at everything. He was hard to keep track of!  He also had no peripheral vision, so he was pretty cars or even where John and I were, he didn't seem concerned though, which was kind of funny.  It was like he was lone lion in the vast church parking lot.

Caity dancing to the monster mash.

Johnny trying to scare William...William just got a little annoyed. William just kept walking from the tree to the lamp post, and Johnny would chase after him saying, "Johnny wait! I wanna scare you!"

After we ran out of candy, Caity was pretty concerned about who was left, so she started giving out her own candy! Ha ha. I finally convinced her to stop since at that point it was mostly second-rounders coming to our car.

What a dad! :)

While the kids ate dinner, William continued wondering.

He was pretty excited when Dad showed him what exactly people were throwing in his basket.

Counting spoils. He got bored after twelve.

Exactly 57 pieces! Not bad, Miss Cate.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

That's the cutest Hulk, Ballerina, and Lion I've ever seen! Life is Good :)

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