Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Clean and Comfy

Nothing makes me happier than clean little children all cozy in their pajamas, emanating the smell of baby shampoo. Yesterday, when we got home from my cousin's volleyball game we had dinner and hopped in respective showers to get ready for bed.
A while back, I let the kids pick out some pajamas at Walmart, we pulled them out today and boy, were they excited.

Oh, they are just so fun.
John was late at school, but the kids wouldn't let us miss family night for anything. Ha ha.
We did a lot of Halloween themed lessons and games, then had pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats. It was so fun. Despite all the "Ok, sit down now." or "OK, are you listening?" 's...it was a good time. 

(i love this witch, so much.)

They were all pretty hyper, especially William.
He kept growling and singing and walking in circles.  Every time the ghost in our story changed colors he would yell and then laugh so hard while burying his face into the couch.  Speaking of interruptions, Caity would tell "the moral of the story" before we got halfway through the lesson.  Meanwhile, Johnny just kept jumping on the couch saying, "I'm gonna get him! I'm gonna get him!" Who he was talking about is beyond me, but that guy better watch out because Johnny is going to get him!  As you can tell, we have our act together over here at the Brassell House.

After Family Night, I thought it would be fun to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with Caity and Johnny while we waited for dad to get home.  Earlier in the day, I finally, FINALLY, got around to making their Halloween pillowcases (I bought the fabric for them last September before William was even born.)  They were pretty excited, which made the effort so worth it.  Caity literally screamed. Like, I thought she was dying or something and ran in her room to find her hugging her pillow. I knew I liked having her around. :) Anyway, they ran back to their rooms and grabbed their pillows, and I started the movie.  When I got back from putting William to bed, I took inventory of how the kids were doing.  By their horrified face expressions, it was pretty clear I made the wrong movie choice. "Curious George's Halloween it is!" I thought. :) Parenting Fail.  
John came home and off to bed the children marched.
John and I drank some hot chocolate and ate pumpkin toast and watched Everybody Loves Raymond.
Then, I decided to stare at my kids while they slept, because that is just not creepy at all.
Felt pretty lucky to be their "Mudder" (as Johnny calls me these days.)

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